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Intercity Train Service Between Pune and Belagavi should be commenced

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By uday

In a contentious move that has sparked debate, calls for the immediate launch of an intercity train service between Pune and Belagavi are gaining momentum, urging authorities not to wait for the Vande Bharat train. Despite the Central Railway having already prepared a timetable for the Intercity service last month, its implementation has been put on hold due to the burgeoning demand for the Vande Bharat Express.

The demand for an efficient rail link between Pune and Belagavi has been resounding for over half a decade, with commuters enduring the absence of a direct connection between these key cities. Despite its readiness, the postponement of the Intercity service has worsened the frustrations of travelers who have long awaited a reliable mode of transportation.

Sources within the Pune Division have expressed readiness to commence operations for the Intercity service, emphasizing its importance in addressing the longstanding grievances of commuters, including those traveling via Sangli and Miraj. Even the late MoS Railways, Suresh Angadi, had been approached with appeals to initiate the Intercity service, underscoring its significance within the railway community.

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As the political climate intensifies with upcoming elections, proponents of the Intercity service argue that now is the opportune moment to initiate the much-needed connection. With March looming closer, the urgency to alleviate the travel woes of thousands is paramount, especially given the historical neglect of the Pune-Belagavi route.

Electrification work along the Belagavi-Pune stretch is projected to take considerable time (6-12 months), rendering the Vande Bharat service unfeasible in the immediate future. However, establishing the Intercity service could offer a timely solution to the pressing demands of travelers.

16 thoughts on “Intercity Train Service Between Pune and Belagavi should be commenced”

  1. Ask to extend all trains running till Miraj to BELAGAVI..

    Same is done for Mysore.. Many trains ending at Bangalore are now going till Mysore..

  2. ಅದೆ ರೀತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಗದಗ-ದೌಂಡ, ಗದಗ-ಕಾಕಿನಾಡ, ಗದಗ-ವಾಸ್ಕೋ ಮತ್ತು ಗದಗ-ಗುಂತಕಲ ಫಾಸ್ಟ್ ಪ್ಯಾಸೆಂಜರ್ ಮತ್ತು ಎಕ್ಸ್ ಪ್ರೆಸ್ ರೈಲು ಸಂಚಾರ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆ ಮಾಡಿ

  3. Let us have a train with 100 % utilisation

    Belgaum to pune
    Depart at 11 and reach by 7
    Same rake upto mumbai /nasik
    And return night by same train to belgaum

  4. Urgently need a day time train between Bengaluru and Bidar via Bengaluru, Tumakuru, Ballari, Guntakal, Raichur, Kalaburagi. Leave Bengaluru at 6 AM and reach Bidar at 9 PM. Same way return journey too to connect many districts of Karnataka in one go.

  5. Positively looking train between belgaum to miraj (from belgaum around 7 am and reach to ghataprabha around by 6.30pm)
    as many of the people travelling for job purpose.

    this will help lot

  6. Respected sir, Please start one train Vijayapura to pune/mumbai seperate train which will originate only from Vijayapura, as many people will travel to pune for job purpose or many families are leaving in pune.
    This is a kindly request to the railway department.
    Thank you !

  7. Kirloskar vadi Railway station,
    This station celebrat 100 years
    But no one stop this station to go to Hubbli and Bengaluru City. Please try to stop all trains
    Kirloskar vadi station.

  8. Sir,
    Common people cannot travel in vande bharth train. Kindly to amruth bharath trains to be arrenges in pune via miraj to Belgaum line in day. Its very helfull to common people. So kindly privide railways more service to the people.
    Thanking you sir

  9. Vande bharath train to pune from belgaum and kolhapur ten coaches each from kolhapur and belgaum connecting it in miraj. Will be a very useful train service for three places. Now electrification is complete upto miraj. It’ s time to start VB.

  10. Train to Bangalore VB has become a dream like thing. Everything has been made even schedule and timing has been announced but yet to start. Hubli is the hurdle for the train one option is start it from both ends at the same time so that people get benefitted by two train s one in morning and another in the afternoon. If this is not feasible a nonstop train from belgaum to Bangalore skipping all places will be a idealistic adventure which will again help the train passengers fantastic approach u hv to put in use and see the success rate.


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