Is there Space for so many ?


This particular post is based on information I gathered from various sources. The actual Truth may not be different from what I say here.

Heard SHUBHIKSHA is opening 5 stores in Belgaum. One will start in place of the Shanbag Super Shoppe near the 1st gate on the road to Sai Mandir.


More the store at RPD Cross which is yet to commence operations has started looking for a second branch somewhere near Sadashiv nagar and those areas.

METRO, is planning to open its North Karnataka Operations in Belgaum.

May this is very good for Belgaum as the organised Retail will grow, but I have a question Will All survive? The answer only time will tell.

About the Big Bazaar 3 days Lowest Prices, it has been able to get huge crowds towards it for the first time since launch. But again only 3 days business will not work.



  1. dear sir,

    Pls send us metro warehouseing detials to my mail address.
    i am in same pls reply as soon as possible.


    sanju shedbalkar.

  2. I agree on your words regarding entreprenuership in Belgaum. Generically speaking, belgaum offers a lot of entreprenial scope… i had to come to Bangalore to start my business. WIsh i would have had a market for my products in Belgaum. Good work Uday. would visit your blog often and am sure i will leave comments…. keep it up.

  3. Dear All Belgaumites

    We must thank Uday for this info , I would like to bring your attention oon on important think through this info one can make out that these outlets will need hughe warehousing fecilites and local transport for inner circulatins , the readers of this blog can passon this opportunities to possible investment houses or even youth entrepruners.


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