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IXG will make it under UDAN phase 3? 

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These are very anxious moments for the citizens of Belagavi today as it is very likely that the names of cities to be included under the UDAN phase 3 would be announced today.

According to sources from New Delhi and the SAVE IXG group, which includes an array of people from various backgrounds from frequent fliers, industrialists, Bankers, Social workers are very positive that IXG, that is Belagavi has been included in the list submitted by the ministry of civil aviation to the Minister. Raviraj Patil and Dr. Anil Patil did persuade after a last-minute lobbying that IXG deserves to be in this list.


The Save IXG group now feels quite assured that IXG will be included. Speaking to AAB, one of the conveners of the group, Chaitanya Kulkarni said, Fingers crossed but we are now hoping to be on the list, and now have to keep a watch on the routes allocated and then the bidding process.

Sachin Sabnis another convener of the group mentioned, there would be a bidding process where airlines will bid for the routes on offer, and even there we might have to lobby and persuade the airlines that IXG has sufficient traffic and this entire process could take up to 6 weeks.

The other day many organizations came under one roof and gave a memorandum to the DC which also has helped to put the place of IXG on the list.

If we make it to the list, it will be the victory of the citizens who have fought for what they deserve.

So lets all be positive and SaveIXG.

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