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Jakati was a good organizer

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Suspected terrorist Iqbal Jakati, who was arrested in Mumbai last Saturday

Iqbal Jakati’s family hails from Ramdurg in Belgaum district and moved to Vishnugalli in Vadagaon, a suburb of Belgaum City. Iqbal completed his primary and higher education in the city, and graduated from the Gogte College of Commerce.

Jakati and his friends are said to have engaged in social activities during his college days. He would provide books to poor Muslim students, and is said to have been instrumental in conducting the marriage of two Muslim widows.

His first experience with Jehad was five years ago, when he made efforts to secure the release of a few Gandhinagar youth in the city, during the communal violence. He was a close associate of the seven suspected terrorists, who were nabbed by police. Iqbal was an expert organiser, and had organised groups at Ashoknagar, Gandhinagar, and Azamnagar areas. He also preached Jehadi to these groups.

Iqbal moved to the City’s Azadnagar area after his father retired as teacher and constructed a house there. Iqbal is married, and has two children. Last May, he went to Dubai on a tourist visa, to get a job with the help of his brother who lives there. With his visa to expire on August 10, he decided to return to India.


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