Join Annas team to say no to corruption on August 16 in Belgaum


[box_light]Rally starts from Dharamveer Sambhaji Chowk to DC office at 10 am

National Anthem will be sung at 11am[/box_light]


The India Against corruption forum whose leaders Anna Hazare and team will be holding a fast and protest in Delhi and all over the country, even the forums activists in Belgaum will hold a march from

Dharamveer Sambhaji Chowk to DC office on Tuesday August 16.

Each one who is interested to see this country free of corruption and wants a jan lokpal bill are requested to gather in huge numbers at Dharamveer Sambhaji Chowk(Bogarves) before 10 am.

At 10 am the rally will march towards DC office and exactly at 11 am National Anthem will be sung here and the entire nation would sing the national anthem at 11 am across India and the world.

Facebook event page
for more details contact
MANJUNATH – (+91)9738254191
SHANKAR – (+91)7795250709
CHETAN – (+91)9740102610
RAVI – (+91)8971729714



  1. Belgaumites should turn up in huge numbers. Me being in KSA will not be able to make my presence. Well this is like the second freedom struggle in real sense.

    While supporting Anna Hazare there is also this pleasure that my father had this great opportunity to serve the Indian Army along with him at Aurangabad.

  2. the time for change has come.much of india did not even know annaji before this andolan.still,all indians are united today…they are united for a cause.the road to be taken to reach that destination is certainly debatable…but the destination is not.happy independence day to would be really amazing to celebrate this day when we achieve independence,in the true sense of the term


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