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Journalists attacked

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Journalists Mrityunjay Yellappamath (Chikkodi) and Raju Ustad (Belgaum) both from Kannada Prabha were beaten up on Wednesday in Hanuman Nagar over a subaltern issue allegedly by some group of youth.

The police have arrested four persons following a complaint by the journalists at the APMC police station. 

The incident occurred when the journalists turned from the main road towards Hanuman Nagar 2nd Stage, a car came towards them from the wrong side, as the road on the other side of the median was being repaired and the journalists gestured to the car to keep driving. Occupants of the car took offense and one of the youths came out of the car and picked an argument with them and later called in more friends. 

2 thoughts on “Journalists attacked”

  1. The attack had nothing to do with their profession, just a case of roadrage, so you could change the heading and remove the words journalist. Just say Roadrage – two people attacked.

  2. The same incident has happend with my bro few years ago at same place.If the car is scorpio then it might belongs to goons having political backing.


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