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KalaMandir will be Shopping mall with multiplex

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kalamandirThe city corporation in the month of August has passed a resolution that KalaMandir, Shukurwar peth be develpped as shopping mall with multiplex, food court and family entertainment centre at Kalamandir Premises, Tilakwadi.

Proposed project details

Extent of land – 7800 sqm

Considering 60% – 4680 sqm i.e. 4600 sqm

Extent of proposed construction:

Basement for parking – 4600 sqm

Ground floor for shops – 4600 sqm

1 st floor for shops – 4600 sqm

2 nd floor for family entertainment – 4600 sqm

3 rd floor for food court – 4600 sqm

4 th floor for multiplex – 4600 sqm

Total built up area – 27600 sqm

Total cost of construction = Rs.4462.00 lakhs
Income from Rent

1) Parking Fee in – 4600 sqm

Basement parking 250 vehicles x Rs.25/6 hrs x 2 shifts x 30 days

= Rs.3.75 lakhs per month

2) Rent from Shops = 4600 sqm x Rs.400/sqm/month in Ground Floor = Rs.18.40 lakhs/month

3) Rent from Shops = 4600 sqm x Rs.400/sqm/month in First Floor = Rs.18.40 lakhs/month

4) Income from family = 4600 sqm x Rs.350/sqm/month Entertainment in = Rs.16.10 lakhs/month

Second Floor

5) Rent from Food Court = 4600 sqm x Rs.350/sqm/month

In Third Floor = Rs.16.10 lakhs/month

Income from multiplex = 4600 sqm x Rs.350/sqm/month

in Fourth Floor = Rs.16.10 lakhs/month

Total revenue per month from the project = Rs.88.85 lakhs.

Total Project cost = Rs.5495.00 lakhs

Hence the project is viable and proposed on PPP model with ULB contribution from private investor or through Government soft loan. The Commissioner has stated that KUIDFC has appointed financial consultant to study feasibility of the project.

After discussion it was unanimously resolved to approve to take up the work of construction of shopping mall with multiplex, food court and family entertainment centre at Kalamandir premises, Tilakwadi Belgaum either on BOOT basis or through Government soft loan as suggested by financial consultants appointed by KUIDFC.

6 thoughts on “KalaMandir will be Shopping mall with multiplex”

  1. Why concenrate on Malls, The city develops when we have good amineties and infractures and not by having shopping Malls. City Coporation and Ministers please concenrate more on Roads, Gardens,Skating Ground, Siwiming Pools, Basket Ball grounds, Musical Gardens, Water Ponds in Garden, Rain water harvesting in Garden etc.

    Making of Water Bills through meter reading, Adding diveders to the existing Road

  2. Good proposal, infrastructures should also be developed side wise and needs an over bridge on 1st gate looking towards increase in quantum of traffic increasing after this mall.

  3. It is none of business of CCB to run business. Concentrate on infrastructure, roads,sanitation, garbage management, beautification and the investment will automatically pour in. If try a hand in it it will be desaster.

  4. Instead, make a park or a GREEN AREA, plenty of trees are been cut down in the making of the wider road. Instead, a MINI FOREST or Botanical Garden can stand up in that area, make an “OXYGEN ZONE”, people require clean air rather than a mall.


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