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Kannada organisations in Belagavi district got  66.55 lakh from Govt

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RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad, quoting figures he has obtained from the department under the RTI Act says Department of Kannada and Culture, distributed a huge sum of Rs. 60.51 crore to several Kannada organisations across the State on various occasions, including Rajyotsava, during five-year period from 2011-12 to 2015-16.

RTI activist says State govt. should tell the public if such distribution had any productive purposes.

Mr. Gadad demanded that the government should conduct an inquiry and also tell people if such huge amount of public money being distributed to such organisations had any productive purposes.

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  1. Now People especially in Belgaum know, This is how the So Called Kannada Organisation PARTICIPATE IN KARNATAKA RAJYOSTAVA ON 1st November every year, waw whats a loyalty towards the Karnataka of these Kannada Organisation members, only wearing mufler REDYELLOW which is NO way related or concerned to State History, Thanks to Mr Gadad for displaying this very important information with help of RTI, and the question asked by him will any body capable to Answer the same Especially Government Authority in Belgaum (DC,please). All the Displays on Big Trucks in these procession from State Government Departments on these Rajyostava Day Expenditure is not included in the above RTI Answer. People from Belgaum have seen many New Chasis of vehicles parked on the Police Parade Ground, APMC Road, Belgaum (Opposite to APMC Police station) for near about one month and all the decoration/creation etc is carried by Outsourced people from Andhra Pradesh, who were stationed in open ground for one month with Generator, Tents for Living and they were cooking there own food there. Even after 12/11/2016 next one week these Displayed material removing work was going on here only and then shifted by these Outsourced people from Andhra.

    • Have u read the article after having tea… BGM org got in lakhs and in all over the state Crores were spent. do have some tea may be Green Tea.

  2. One eminent hindustani vocalist from Kittur, Dist. Belgavi, Shri. Ravindra Jakati, shishya of Pt. Kumar Gandharv, has never been invited by the state kannada and culture department. Is there anybody who will hear this and act. He can be approached on mobile number +91 94488 74374.


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