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Karnataka state budget nothing much to mention

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Here is what the Karnataka State budget 2012-13 states about Belgaum.

Expansion of Hubli and Belgaum airports will be undertaken. The Airport Authority of India is expected to invest Rs.150 crore on Hubli and Belgaum airports.

The pilot project of 24 x 7 water supply system in demonstration zones of Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum and Gulbarga will be expanded to entire area of these 3 cities in PPP mode at total project cost of Rs.1700 Crore.

The high-tech multi-skill development centers being set up at Bangalore and Gulbarga at a cost of Rs. 84 crore with technical support by GIZ-IS, a German Government agency, and part financing from Request will be made to Government of India and GIZ-IS to approve and part finance two more centers for Karnataka at Belgaum and Mangalore.

To control overloading in goods vehicles, weighing motion systems at Kognolli.

Reduction of Sales Tax on Diesel by 1.25 per cent point – reduction of tax rate from 18% to 16.75%.

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  1. The talk of project of Expansion of Belgaum Airport is going on for a couple of years. Nothing much is done till date. The Belgaum Airport is not even able to facilitate the landing of A319 Aircraft . The same can land at Hubli Airport.

    As regards the water supply 24 x 7 system ,it is wait and watch.

    In connection with high techs multi skill development ,Belgaum names has not appeared..

    As it is Belgaum is not able to get the railway Infra Structure and the routes it requires. I have already mentioned the routes required in the early blog.

    It is not known what our MLA & MP’s are doing.

    • Belgaum Airport only land is acquired but still not taken in full postion , the buliding expanasion of 20 crore is just shabby , doesnt even look as if 20 crore was spent , only the runway and tarmac was recarpated the only new addation to Belgaum aiport was isolation bay , the taxi way and tarmac is still same size, Hubli it was slightly extended with new exit taxi way, A319 is out of question fro Both Hubli and Belgaum since both runway lenght is still bleow 2500 fts …only new addition to ariport son tech front is PAPI landing instruments making them all weather Airport, Hublis is now provided with NDB ( Non directional becon unit) …rest the expansion is all sham

      • @ Satish kumar , I wish to correct one statement in connection with the landing of A 319 Aircraft ( Air bus),The same was landing @ Hubli Airport based on the Schedules published by kingfisher. However it was discontinued after some time ,for un known reasons. The Run way of Hubli Airport is wider and has more length than belgaum Airport. ( based on the photographs of Google maps ) , The parking space is much more than Belgaum Airport. the information is also based on the inputs from passengers who commute from Lucknow to Hubli.

  2. The budget seems farce. The focus all through has been on who will present the budget and not on what will comprise the budget. Belgaum has been fully sidelined… there were promises made of spl packages to weavers and establishment of textile and IT parks… whatever happened of them? BSY had at at least sanctioned 100cr for us.


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