Karnataka Wants to Impose Total Lockdown?

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Is the personal suggestion of a member of the Karnataka government’s Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 a sign of a draconian measure in the offing? Even as the government grapples with the second Covid-19 wave, hoping that the current weekend and daily night curfews, in force till May 4, will break the chain of transmission, the TAC foresees a third wave in October-November. More ominously for citizens, a member of the TAC, Dr Giridhar Babu, has gone on record to recommend a 14-day lockdown to the government, reports the Bengalurulive.

Going by the current trend, the state government has ignored many of the suggestions made by the TAC, including its recommendation for strict measures as early as in February this year. But that could change in a jiffy, considering that April has witnessed a huge surge of cases in Karnataka, and especially Bengaluru. More or less clueless on how to stem the ravages of the coronavirus, the government has used the only weapon it seems to have left by imposing a fortnight’s weekend and daily night curfews in the state, the story adds.

Looking at the alarming rise in coronavirus cases in the state, the Karnataka government wants to impose a complete lockdown on all weekdays, Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar confirmed on Saturday. Hinting that more lockdown-like measures will be implemented in the state, he said Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa’s Cabinet is likely to take a call on this matter on Monday. “The Karnataka government wants to do it,” Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar told Deccan Herald, on continuing the weekend curfew on all days of the week, reports

On the other side, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said the imposition of tougher measures will be discussed in the Cabinet meeting on Monday. “All our Cabinet colleagues will express their opinions. Finally, the CM and Cabinet will decide,” Sudhakar said.

The TAC members also foresee the third wave COVID in October-November and have, accordingly, insisted that the government should complete the vaccination of vulnerable age groups before the next wave hits.


Speaking to TheBengaluruLive, Dr Giridhar Babu, Professor and Head of Lifecourse Epidemiology, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), said he foresees a third wave during October-November this year. His suggestion: “The government should complete the vaccination of vulnerable age groups before the next wave hits.”

Dr Babu has also asked the state government to impose stringent restrictions, including a 14-day lockdown with immediate effect to break the chain of transmission. “Though the recommendation for a 14-day lockdown is my personal view, even the Chief Secretary is on the same page. But the political leaders need to take a final call on it,” he said.

Dr Babu was of the firm view that the government should immediately impose a 14-day lockdown, adding that without such a measure the surge in cases cannot be controlled. He felt the state may witness the peak of the second wave by May-end or the first week of June.

Meanwhile, the TAC has also recommended to the government increasing the number of Covid beds during the current curfew phase.

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  1. Last year LOCKDOWN didn’t chaged anything but it changed the life of poor people made them beg. Now this so called Dr Babu wants these poor people die of hunger. He is not a Doc but A FOOL and want to implement 14 days lockdown.

    • Lockdown is not an option as it is fooling the people by creating an image that the disease can be fought with which is making people very lazy and dependent on freebies while those who want to work by risking their lives in such a situation (not only their lives but also their dependents) are getting punished due to these measures. The need of the hour is education and awareness about the disease and hygiene among the general public which will be not only beat the disease but also the other diseases in the coming days

  2. Impose in Bangalore. Other places have local containment zones where there are huge cases. Please no lock down. The daily wagers shall be in deep suffering.


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