Kingfisher air timings from Belgaum to Bangalore: Revised: understandable


I had posted a time table for the Belgaum to Bangalore flight timings and back. Now that seems to be not there if you see the Schedule.

If, you believe the schedule then there are no flights on 2 days, we have flights on 1,3,5,7. So 2 days there are no flights.B

But if you go to book online all the days you can see the flights and the timings also differ from the schedules.


I really cannot understand a single thing from this website, I just hope the flights comes in and goes back hahaha…

I am totally confused with this and give a disclaimer that I cannot tell you exactly when the flights are.


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  1. i guess Belgaum is connected only to b’lore by air. Can we expect air connectivity to mumbai, goa or any other place from Belgaum?


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