Know your polling booth – Karnataka Assembly Elections

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Belgaum polling boothVoting for the Assembly Elections is May 12, where polling would commence from 7 am and end at 5pm. 

Where do I go to Vote ?

Where is the Polling Booth?

No lame excuses this time for not voting. Kindly find your pooling booth by using the below options.

SMS (this does not work always and you need your Election Photo ID Card No:)


To Know your Assembly Constituency, Polling Station Address and other details, Please SMS your ID Card Number to 9243355223 in the following format


KAEPIC <space> ID Card No.
E.g: KAEPIC XYZ1509201


If you have the Voters ID card then you just need to type in the number to know your pooling booth

Search by Election Photo ID number

On the Above link:

Select the District ——> Enter your EPIC No.

Search by Name and other details

If you dont know your Voters card or have misplaced even then you can search for your name in the Voters list. If you name for what so ever reason does not appear in the Voters list, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE.

Select the District ——> Belgaum ——> Type in the Name ——> Relation name ——> Assembly Constituency and hit the search button.

From the results click the details Button on the left, which gives you the Polling station Address.

Please note that you will have to try with a host of spellings of your names and surnames as there are many mistakes, so try using a generic name like Vishwas ——>Patil ——> M ——> Belagavi Dakshin.


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