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Lady don’s drugs den in Kali Aambrai

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The New Indian Express has published this story today which is very alarming and shows how the Drug menace is spreading into the suburbs so very easily.

The havoc of a `lady don’ seems to be on rise, helping her to allegedly expand her illegal trade of selling ganja, charas and heroin openly, without anyone’s opposition in Kali Aambrai area of Belagavi recently.

This building has 40 rooms not unutilized.


The mentioned gang led by Seema (name changed) is popular in Kakatives Road area as notorious gangster and dealer of ganja and charas. Police have arrested the gang members including Seema a couple of times in connection to illegal trade of ganja, but they managed to get themselves out of the jail.

Recently, the gang has started its new hub at a private building in Kali Aambrai, alleged the local residents of the area. They said that a few students use to stay in that old building which is un-maintained. `All the day, no person is spotted in the building. But in dark hours, youths in bunches are seen enjoying in that premises,’ they alleged.

Many in the surroundings are aware of this, may be even the police are aware of the same, but why is that the culprits are not caught is the question? The police has raided this place earlier as well so they know what is going on in there, so why is that each day after dusk this place is a buzz with young boys and girls both. The best part is the door is locked from the outside and the drugs are sold and taken.


Arvind (name changed), a local resident of Kali Aambrai said that just about a couple of weeks ago, the youths in intoxicated state had some clashes in the building premises and police had nabbed a few them, after a local resident informed about it to police on phone, without disclosing his identity. `For a few days, no one was seen in the building. However, back again they have started the nuisance,’ he said.

Arvind alleged that the Seema is very notorious and works hand in gloves with a few police officials. He said that if any sincere police personnel tries to create problem for Seema in her illegal activities, she creates a scene by her violent approach.

It may be recalled here that the video clip of the mentioned `lady don’ had gone viral in social media in which she was found in intoxicated state clashing violently with police personnel’s in the late hours within city, about a couple of years ago. Later, she was identified as `don’ by most of the youths in the city.

Arvind said that just a day before, once again few youths in intoxicate state clashed in the building premises creating tension in the area. However, the gang members handled them.

According to local police, they have been giving surprise visits to the building recently, ensuring that the miscreants do not misutilise it for creating nuisance. They denied to have reported any violent incident in that area in recent days.

About Seema: She hails from a political influenced family residing in Tilakwadi of Belagavi. She has good contacts with a few police officials and personnel’s, which allegedly help her in operating her illegal company. She is dealer of Ganja, Charas and drugs too.


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  1. This lady was in news few months back also.
    What the ABVP, is doing. They ask students to approach them if they are bothered with problems facing students. Are they blind to this news story.


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