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Leopards creates fear amongst villagers

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Nandihalli village is about 22 km away from Belgaum and currently the villagers are feared following leopards attack on humans and animals since few days. The leopard attack have no even the movement of villagers.

Vital and Laxman Navagekar showing the pug marks of leopards in their field, at Rajhunsgad village in Belgaum taluk on Wednesday.

The leopards have attacked as many as 3 villagers and hunted 7 goats within a week.

Ningappa Parshuram Chougule a shepherd of Nandihalli in Belgaum taluk escaped with minor injuries after he attempted to rescue his goat from the leopard attack. During the same incident the leopards could make away with two of his goats and left one seriously injured.

In another incident, the leopard killed 3 goats of farmer Huvani Devappa Bongale of Rajhunsgad village in Belgaum taluk. Bongale luckily escaped with from the clutches of leopards, with injuries on his face and hands.

Sheepherd Yallappa Huded of Bidarbhavi village in Khanapur taluk near to Nandihalli too escaped with minor injuries in a leopard attack but could not save 2 of his sheep.

A team of personnels headed by Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) Madhav Ambady rushed to Nandihalli for trapping the leopards, on Tuesday evening. The forest officials say these could be two different leopards. Even explosive blasting was done to put the animals back into the jungle away from human habitation.

Fresh pug marks of leopards were found in the fields of farmers Vital Narayan Navagekar and his brother Laxman Narayan Navagekar of Rajhunsgad. Wild elephants have also been sighted in the area and they have destroyed the standing crop as well.

DCF Ambady said that forest department is keeping good vigil on those areas round the clock and is initiating measures to direct those leopards back into the jungles. A team has been deputed for the same.


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