Lets ensure the green survives

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by Rupa Ghadi

I am awestruck with the number of people who stepped out for the cause “one day for green Belagavi” an initiation by Pyaas foundation, Vijay Karnataka, Sakal in coordination with municipal corporation Belagavi, Forest Department and others.

This clearly proves that every citizen of Belagavi is longing to get back the pleasantness, beauty, coolness and greenery of this City. This also proves that while the development was much necessary, it left the people and the authorities in great guilt and pain for the drastic change in climate of this city.

plantationThis realization is the first step towards the change. People getting eco-sensitive and thinking that there has to be action initiated in itself resolves many issues an environmental activist faces. Importantly the school authorities came forward to work on Sunday, took efforts to pick and drop the kids, the spades were first picked by the students which was enough to show their enthusiasm and their tireless work for more than 3 hours was a proof of their honesty on this subject. This was a feeling of contentment for any Green Saviour (any individual who thinks green, breathes green and lives green).

Now that the mega plantation drive was successfully completed in every nook and corner of the city, our task is half done. The success of this mega plantation would depend on the survival rate. I would just like to reiterate that it is our responsibility as the citizens of this city that we ensure all these saplings survive. We need to nurture them for two years, protect them from catastrophe, fence them with atleast a thorny mesh so that two years later we proudly enjoy their presence. Spending a Sunday on priority with nature in itself is a great initiative but it is the need of the hour to spend atleast a couple of hours every week watering them as these saplings already had issues standing up firmly yesterday. Please note there is a dearth of saplings this year considering the numbers planted. There is also enormous effort involved in creation of saplings and our lack of interest in securing them will not only cost us an economic loss but also the life of some real healthy saplings.

I am sure if one can step out and join this initiation, stepping out again and again for the same cause is not difficult. Keep this little fire burning however small, however hidden.

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