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Letter from Mr.Raj


Is it correct by the police Department to close restaurants early during Ganesha Festival, which is the biggest festival of Belgaum, and people in and around Belgaum come to observe the different pendals. Don’t they deserve some good outing accompanied by good quality food and restaurants? The Police commissioner of B’lore has allowed some restaurants to be open until 3:00 am in the morning to cater to some people who are fasting. We are also aware of some restaurants and eateries open till late hours, is the police department inconsiderate, I would love to take my family, kids and others move around the town, stop a bit late at a restaurant have good food, when it can happen in metros why not here. Is it not a violation of our basic constitutional right?

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  1. In the name of security, some Government agencies do what it takes to make their jobs (so called) easier.

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