Liquor shop owners protest

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The Federation of Wine Merchants Association, Karnataka announced a nine-day agitation to press their demand to roll back the hike in Value Added Tax (VAT).

FWMA is protesting with five demands, which include withdrawal of 5.5 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) (as additional excise duty is increased in the budget); seeking uniformity in VAT with other restaurants and bar and restaurants; increase in profit margin from 10 to 20 per cent; abolition of stamp duty on license fee; and abolition of excise and lottery squad of police. 

Liquor Shop owners protesting in Belagavi
Liquor Shop owners protesting in Belagavi

On the contrary, the plan to set up 1,000 MRP wine stores is a counter-attack with an eye on inflicting maximum damage in terms of losses on the private liquor sellers, many of who sell liquor way above the MRP. 

Federation Treasurer T.M. Meharwade said wine shops would not procure fresh stock from Monday till March 31 and keep their outlets closed for two days (March 26 and March 27).

He said the increase would result in additional cost to customers and will also affect wine merchants, who are already experiencing declining profit margins due to various taxes. “We are already contributing hugely to the State exchequer. However, the present government is in no mood to redress our grievances,” he said.

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  1. 100% of the money made by the liquor shops are going into black money as they never give the reciept. They sell the liquor much more then the MRP which is against the law.. These guys are the rudest and they think they are doing a favour by selling us the Liquor. It’s good that we have the governemetn owned outlets..

  2. Is this the thing the arguing against increasing of VAT .; why dont these liquor shops may closed it wil be for the benefit of society and life of millions.First of all government have no sense they freely allowing such types of consumable products which are injurious to health and life ; pls stop all such products for which millions of families are facing problems..

  3. During these nine days will all the wine merchants close their shops? If it is so then it is very good news. If this business is not profitable to you then you better close the shops and do other profitable business.By doing so you will be rendering great service to society as thousands of family will be saved. Public should not support such blackmailing activities of the so called The Federation of Wine Merchants Association.

  4. If the taxes are increased it the buyer who is going to pay it and not the shop owner. Why are they worried. Consumers who want it, will pay more and have it. They only want to make more money that’s it.

  5. These guys already sell about 10 to 20% above MRP and do not provide a receipt. No sympathies for them. Any way boozers are a nuisance to women folk and society at large. Only government should be selling it through their shops.

    As rightly pointed by the comments above they are rude and no is is going to shed a tear for them.

  6. For all the people out there, are we debating on VAT or whether alcohol is bad.

    First and foremost, most of us are not civilized and well mannered and do not know how to respect others, that is something which we miss right from our childhood. Alcohol isnt bad if you consume it in a limit and enjoy it as a social drink.

    Or else other developed countries wouldnt have progressed so much. This doesnt mean that they are developed and progressed only because of alcohol. Its only because they respect eachother and they are very much more civilized than we are. Just because one doesnt know his limits, so blame the product.

  7. Above comments shows lack of knowledge. In Karnataka previous year excise revenue to state is 12000 crores out of total state liquor tun over of 15000 crores .Do you think only 3000 crores are invested by government
    no its by distilleries. Refer govt websites you will surely find the truth.Trade seems to be clean and white nowadays. what i feel is they might be fighting against the exploitation in the trade.


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