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The local flavors of restoration

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Any function of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) invariable turns out memorable with its meaningful content. If it was the Teacher Training program for Heritage Clubs which saw a heritage walk clubbed, the inauguration of Heritage Clubs in KLE International Bharatesh Central School, Halaga, Dnyan Prabodhan Mandir and Bharatesh English Medium School was where students presented about local heritage, Monday’s event was on par.

As part of the INTACH Founder’s day function, INTACH organized a small event at the office of Freedom of Association (FOA) on Picket road, Camp ( Besides Hotel La Camp). If you’ve passed by and wondered about this unique looking building, you definitely missed the event.

Vinod Doddanavar, Co-convener of INTACH Belagavi chapter, presented on his experience with restoration of temples at Halasi and Beniwad (Hukkeri Tk). It is one thing to intend to do something and another one to actually rustle up restoration work. His anecdotes on how they kept the temple’s old charm intact while embracing new techniques and the help that came about in fund raising was worth giving a ear.

intachAnd then the FOA team presented their experience of restoring a dilapidated but rustic building, replete with large windows, arches, the quintessential backyard and the wood work. Sadiq Desai and Bharat Gouripur shared their experience with local materials in creating some conversation-starter pieces like the Waffle Table, the use of huge unpolished copper roundels for lamps, the fancy looking wall which is infact all the old layers of paint scrapped, the earthy feel of the floor and the walls all decked up in pristine white, adorned with awesome clocks. The place is a showpiece of how some bright brains can change the look of a building with local materials. Both the restoration works speak of passion and dedication and screams ‘Focus’ in bold.

Persons interested in conservation of Heritage of Belgaum can join the active team of INTACH which is routinely conducting, and further intends to conduct, meaningful activities like heritage walks, guest lectures, training programs, heritage clubs in schools, etc. (contact: 0831-2421513)

Sculptors, painters, artists can connect with the team of architects at FOA to showcase their works at their Camp office

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