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Local Issues not raised in Belgaum election

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AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that BJP is not having any topics to speak against UPA government except terrorism.

Addressing a huge election campaigning meeting at Beynon Smith C P Ed college ground here on Sunday , Rahul said that BJP do not have morality to speak anything about terrorism as every one knows what had happened in Kashmir when BJP led NDA government was in power in Centre. He also said that people of the nation have not forgotten the incident of freeing a Afghani terrorist by dropping him till Kandhahar accompaning him with the Union Home Minister Jaswant Singh. `Since this is the situtaion, what morality BJP have to speak against UPA government,’ Rahul questioned.
Rahul called people to vote for Congress for the development and better future of the nation.

Rahul who explained the developmental works done when Congress was ruling the state appealed the people to elect Congress government for the better future of their children’s life.

Rahul lauded former Chief Minister S M Krishna who had shared the dias with him over the developmental and pro-people works done during his tenure said that Karnataka was India’s future when Krishna led Congress government was in rule.

Karnataka missed the track of development during the term of JD(S)-BJP government.

He termed the last coalition government as the opportunalistic and described the coalition government as an unscientific government.
Source:the New Indian Express

We do not seem to understand the logic of all political parties in this present election. All have been speaking about national issues. Congress says BJP does not have any morality to speak about terrorism and the BJP says vice versa.
Why does not any party speak what they would like to do for Belgaum (in this context when all had gathered in Belgaum) all say you vote for us, as we would be able to give you a stable govt. and do what with that stable govt. put pickles or make biryani. This is a local MLA election and we had thought in the election the local issues should have come up. Nevertheless, who cares? Kiske Baap jata hai?
We wanted to know what our elected representatives would do for us. Nobody said anything. Therefore, whom should we vote for a stable Govt? All the parties said the will give a stable govt. who will give even the Gods do not know.
What do you all think about this? Nobody spoke of airport expansion or textile hub or even the software park. We here just speak and forget it. This is what democracy is?

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1 thought on “Local Issues not raised in Belgaum election”

  1. well, non of the political parties have shown any concern on developing belgaum .. whether it is congress, jds, bjp,…. non of them … congress always concentrated on south karnataka … oops .. i mean bangalore … when bjp and jds were in power and when they looked as if they were showing concern towards north of karnataka, start fighting between themselves … ultimately belgaum suffered … we do not need any courtesy .. we need our rights ….


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