Lockdown in Karnataka extended till June 14

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Lockdown in Karnataka extended till June 14 – What’s open, what’s closed

BS Yediyurappa Chief Minister Karnataka has extended the ongoing lockdown till June 14. The decision regarding extending the lockdown was taken amid high positivity rate of COVID-19 in the state.

Lockdown extended from 6 am of June 7 to 6 AM of June 14 .

The same relaxations allowed as per earlier Lockdown.

Essential stores are functional from 6 am to 10 am

movement of people has been restricted except for emergencies and vaccination purposes

Public transport will also remain shut.

Movement of persons and Private vehicle movement is not permitted at anytime unless for medical emergency.

No one else will be allowed to use many vehicles to commute anywhere.

No vehicles will be allowed to be used by persons for Taking parcels/takeaway. The only movement by walk is allowed for this purpose. However, hotels, restaurants and eateries can use vehicles for home delivery.

Construction activities with in-situ labourers/workers will be allowed

The sale of vegetables and fruits through pushcarts is allowed from 6 am to 6 pm.

Milk booths and Hopcoms outlets are allowed from 6 am to 6 pm. Home delivery of essential items shall be encouraged 24×7 to minimise the movement of individuals outside their homes.

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Industries allowed by the DIC can also fucntion as per the last lockdown where in the employees must carry the DIC letter, ID card and would be allowed from 7 to 8 AM in the morning and 7-8 PM in the evening.

100% EOU units can work with 30% work force

Patients and their attendants/persons requiring emergency need for movement shall be allowed to move. Movement for the purpose of vaccination and testing shall be permitted with minimal proof.

 Autos and taxis (including cab aggregators) are permitted for travel related to emergency purpose

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  1. Harami Modi/Yedi ke achche din.Har jagah bekari, har jagah mehangai, phir bhi ache din.Har jagah corona(fake/conspirasy),Ghar ghar mout(death/murder),phir bhi achche din.Ambani aur Adani,har din arbo(billion dollar) kama rahe hai, phir bhi achche din??

  2. Make masks compulsory ban all gatherings religions or non religions allow Relaxation time to be changed to 8am to 12 noon which will avoid crowds distancing must

  3. 2 years salary of All government servants to be deducted and their salary shall reduced to half as they have not worked for 2 years in covid era(any ways they have earn enough bribe for their 3 generations) and our tax money shall be saved for general public to build hospitals and oxygen plants, atleast now Indians shall wake up

  4. Not all govt servents sitting at home …some people are on covid duty in that even some lost their lives…don’t say all govt servents…do you think all servants have earned for 3 generations ? Don’t include all servents in same category


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