Lokayukta notice to MLA Fairoz Sait

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The Lokayukta has issued a final notice to eight legislators who failed to submit details of their assets and liabilities for 2015-16. The legislators include four MLAs and four MLCs.

This includes notice to Fairoz Nuruddin Sait (Belagavi North) among others.

Feorz Saith MLA Belagavi North kstdc chairmanThe stipulated time to file the returns for the previous year is over. A few legislators had written to the office of the Lokayukta, saying that since there was no Lokayukta last year they thought it was not necessary to file the affidavits. Notices have been sent to eight legislators to file the statements within 10 days of receiving the notice.

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  1. Dear Editor,

    Why such a biased news is written just to highlight a single Legislator apart from the other three and other MLC’s. This clearly indicates sub standard journalism where ethics has no place.This is not expected from a public person like Uday.And also, it makes pretty sure that you are leaning towards a political affiliation for unwarranted desires.

    • I am no journalist and i am writing only about Belagavi why should i consider about other cities.
      Do u know which political party i am affiliated to ? have you met me? Just dont shout here
      See the contents if the content is wrong come back here and i am here to rectify it.
      Many would have deleted this comment but i am approving it, as i have nothing to hide.
      When politicians dont follow ethics why should citizens follow.

  2. Editor, i guess u hate the person just because u hate that person u r getin angry when questioned, instead of calmly resolving the issue u r replying very rudely which will nt help u succeed in ur life..!!

    • The tone used as the tone used by the one who commented. How do u know that I hate someone is the Question? I never made an issue so resolving it does not arise. May good sense prevail.

  3. The editor is simply doing his job. The coverage is restricted to Belgaum and thereby the report.
    Anyway nothing ever happens to any netas. Why should all of us blow the top?
    All parties just chill and move on.


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