London return Woman tests Negative for COVID-19

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A 35-year-old woman who had returned to Belagavi from London recently has tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 said a release issued by Deputy Commissioner MG Hiremath on Wednesday morning.

In the wake of the emergence of a new variant of coronavirus in the UK, swabs were taken on Tuesday for COVID tests.

The Minister of Health Government of Karnataka Dr. Sudhakar K has held a meeting with the Technical Advisory Committee of Health and Family Welfare Department.

In order to contain the spread of new variant of virus, centre has suspended flights originating from the UK from Tuesday midnight till 31st December.

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As a precautionary measure state govt has mandated 7 day home quarantine for travelers from UK, Denmark and Netherlands.

Travelers who have arrived in the state from these three countries in the last 14 days will be traced within the next 24 hours and subjected to the RT-PCR test.

While there is no need to panic people are urged to continue to follow all precautionary measures and stay safe.

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  1. If any one with authority reads this . . .
    PLEASE learn from the past. We cannot trust that a person ordered to quarantine themselves will do so like an obedient child. Please enforce quarantine at a government appointed lodge etc or a hotel of their choosing (if any have been assigned for quarantine purpose). Or have a patrol/guard stationed outside their house/flat. Whichever is cost efficient. This seems cruel but it ‘s for the greater good. I am not calling everyone a liar but there are those select few that don’t care about others. So better to be safe than sorry.

    Be safe,
    and STAY blessed everyone


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