LPG cylinder refill how much extra did u pay


In a democratic India, all have their say and the common man is the only one who has nothing to say as no one cares to listen to his voice.

How many of you have seen the receipt of the LPG refill you took this month. The amount mentioned on the receipt should be Rs.413.

And how much did you eventually pay the delivery man, we guess more than that for sure. Normally Rs.420. Are we Correct?

When asked why that extra Rs.7 the delivery man said that, he had to get the cylinders from Mazgaon and that cost is not added hence we need to pay Rs.420.

Receipt shows Rs.413

The Govt. of India says “Jago Grahak Jago” and its own oil marketing companies dont follow it.

According to law one should not pay more than Rs.413 in this particular case. The house wifes say that, as they dont have exact change they tend to give 415, but this time the man said that, you will have to pay Rs.420 nothing less. Sometimes even the delivery men threaten to take back the cylinder if the entire amount is not paid (420).

Just calculate this LOOT. Rs.7 per cylinder. If we assume atleast 10,000 cylinders are sold each day that makes it a whopping Rs.70,000 per day.(this is just an assumption and we are not sure of the exact figure)

Now our question where does this Rs.70,000 go?

If you say I will complain etc, he will ask “Cylinder chiaye ya nahi jaldi bolo, mere pass faltu time nahi hai”.

The whole country is fighting against corruption, but whats this who will fight this?

The government had enough powers to initiate action against erring LPG distributors, including cancellation of their agency in such cases. But who will do it?

The LPG distributor, even if he hears to you this time, the next time you want to book a refill he will harass you.

If you complain to the oil marketing companies, a standard reply will come, “No one is authorized to collect more money than the administered price. Now that you have brought this to our notice we will look into it”.


I know each one of you has paid Rs.420 but could not raise your voice, nor could we. But may be if all come together some one might hear you.

Please leave your comments. If you are not sure ask some home…. Please leave comments lets see if possible if we have many comments we could send this page only to the some authority as a complaint.



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  1. Delivery boy is demanding for extra money for each cylender and if u asked that u r already getting money for my cylender .they r shouting . And he is bringing my cylender frm grnd floor to 2ndfloor by lift godowwn is just in grnd floor of building.

  2. Here is simple Solution,
    Please pay it online and after which you dont have to pay any single paise.
    Normally what happens is when you pay by cash, the change is very difficult to get back, If if the delivery have the change they will say they don’t have. Earlier People use to call delivery boys to get there cylinders earlier than their actual delivery or black, But with aadhar and better monitoring technology and online complaints with perto compaines, Short circuit like this are difficult to do. As old habit of getting extra money die hard, They still demand. Just refuse.

    Pay Online. Stop delivery charge loot.

    • The funny part is I paid online.

      I was paying Rs.20 as they have to bring altogether to the 2nd Floor in my building (No Lift and a narrow stair case)

      Now, he started demanding Rs.50. 🙂

      I guess one solution probably be let the Govt. fix the charges and put it in the receipt and circulate that not to harass the COMMON MAN.

  3. From Gaya ( BIHAR )
    I have paid 720 instead of 673 on 25/9/17 when i asked the vendor why should I pay rs 47 more .He replied that “sir 673 mein mumbai se mil jayega wohan se manga lo , hum log transportation charge lete hain ” .

  4. Always v got to pay the extra amount if v ask them .
    They tell it’s delivery charges .
    So govt plz see to it

    These ppl r just making money

  5. Here In tier III city they are not giving any home delivery but charging nothing less, This time I booked Bharat gas LPG cylinder with prepaid option due to shortage of cash in hand but even after 8 days & two online written complaints, one conversion with customer cure got NO RESULT so far. This is happening when one agency HPCL is providing home delivery in same ward and BPCL is not. So far, I have not contacted local agency just to check the service level of these “Navratna” type public sector companies who don’t have even a potential of handing customer complaint within respectable time frame.

  6. If we dont pay extra money we will suffer a lot next time, better to pay how much extra mony thy want 20rs, 25rs ,30rs this is my experience no one listen our voice this is dandda if you want to go and collect from disrtubutor your self gass refil thy will ask you extra mony what will you do some times 3 or 4 booking after you wont get gass refil thy will say door lock we cant fight agin this dandda alone

  7. Best solution for this is make Online Pre payment while booking refill. Or else Debit / Credit card payment while getting delivery. Now swiping machines come with SIM card & can be took any where around. HPCL has started online prepayment, why cannot others do this.
    We are waiting for this facility.

    • Every gas company has it, just check on mylpg.in Even after paying online we pay extra Rs10/- because he brings the filled cylinder till our second floor apartment. We have non-subsidized cylinder, though our family income does not cross Rs5lakh.

      We have shifted to induction cooking. Don’t be stingy in everything and all the time, other people also have to live. Have you ever bargained at petrol / diesel pump ?

      • Before preaching corruption, please educate your self. Oil companies pay Rs.45 to agency for delivery of gas of each cylinder inbuilt in the price on the receipt. The company or the delivery person cannot be paid extra per LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (REGULATION OF
        You may extra as a tip but the delivery person cannot demand extra payment in the name of delivery charges.
        The question is not about being stingy, it is about promoting corruption.

  8. Look at the supplier’s credentials at their dealership (HP/IOC) websites. They also cheat by showing that deliveries are made within 72 hours, In practice what they do is cancel your refill order and make you to re-register refill thereby showing compliance. How many times did you have to book cylinder twice or how many times did you notice that your booking reference number has changed (done intentionally) to suit the agency? As responsible citizens it is our duty to stand up to such corrupt practices.

  9. yes its everywhere and we should stop it.
    in pune they take extra 20 rs…
    and if gives reasons of dilivery charges.

  10. 2 times I complaint about this … but what I gt in reply is shocking … They ask mi to keep change while taking gas cylinder …. They just ignored the fault of their employee … They just ignored the miss behaviour of that employee … and all dey said is mam please keep change while you are taking the gas cylinder … today as well the same vendor came and directly asked mi to give 530 rupees …. while on the receipt it is clearly mentioned 522.50 rupees … I gave him 523 rupees …. After that he asked for more money … He said ” maine aapko 530 denko bola ” … actually the cylinder was my uncles not mine …. no one was der at home so he asked mi to collect the same …. …He know mi well caz I made a complaint once …and refused to pay him extra money … today when I collect it on my uncles behalf …. He said ” tum paisaa nai dete to dusreko bhi dene nai doge kya ” …. That guy don’t have manners how to talk he always talk like he is Don …. Some actions should be taken against this ….

  11. Yes I am very much bothered by this problem. I am customer of ABR gas agency. My bill charge is RS. 525 but they received Rs. 590. If this is correct why they don’t give bill for this extra charges. This type of burden comes only to common people like us.

  12. Gas distriboutrous don’t paying original commision & goverment facilityes.same problem all india.i am a indane deliveryman i know this all problem.company allso known this problem but no solution.

  13. सेलेन्डर वाले ज्यादा रुपये क्यू लेते है
    590 का सेलेन्डर तो 650 ;640;630;620 कम से कम
    ये अधिक रुपये क्यू
    नहीँ दो तो सेलेन्डर नहीँ देते
    क्या किया जाये ?

  14. Why the Oil companies are keeping MUM on this issue. Why don’t they publish on news papers that “NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES OTHER THAN BILL AMOUNT TO BE PAID FOR GAS CYLINDERS”. Such advertisements only can help the customers to come out of this type of LOOT!! Are the companies dare enough to do the ads!

  15. when i question about extra amount the fellow questions us back. and each time he will bring the cylinder when iam in my office its real harassment by the delivery man if i give my tents he takes more than 30 rs extra ajit enterprises in hyderguda rajendra nagar hp dealer

  16. Yes it’s true. Now it’s becoming common to give extra money without asking the reason. When I looked into the bill, Rs.700 is quoted including delivery charges. But they are collecting Rs.720. When I asked people, they said “they are not collecting for me only. they collected from all. If I have only charged, I will ask, why should I ask if everyone is paying”.
    I’m shocked with this answer. Everyone is saying this. It’s us who encourages them. They will not collect if everyone refuses to pay. But who will initiate this.

    Government should take initiative to give awareness to all. The gas agencies should fire the employees, if they received complaints about this. The gas agencies should be fined if they didn’t take proper action. We can’t go to court regarding this. Everyone is facing this problem. So our voice must be heard in some deaf ears. Government should form regulation committee on this, because it’s a crores of crores business, if we consider whole India. We don’t need the black money from swiss now. We need a strong committee which controls this type of daylight robbery.

  17. Yes its true the delivery boy charged extra amount (10 rupees to 40 rupees) for home delivery. The gas amount no receipt is including all charges, than why we to pay the extra charges

    • where to complaint ?on the bill shows 574.72
      +21.28=596. delivery man ask 650RS..no one know why. they says delivery charge 50Rs total 54 Rs they take extra out of the bill. Fathima Gas Service kovalam.

  18. Printed price on receipt for one gas cylinder is Rs 648, but supplier took Rs 690. If I ask why I have to pay extra? he told for bringing cylinder to home he told. Oh my god extra 42 rupees why should we pay? This cheating of people. But who is cheating government or middle persons………

  19. Yaa this type of problem we are also suffering in gonda gas ajency. And they not delivered gas cylinder right time it takes 3 or 4 months and when we go for complain say go here and there.charges extra money and says that they will not give u cylinder if u dont pay their convencing charge but they did not bring our cylinder we ll have to go self with self convence. This is not right plz do someting .

  20. Do not pay even Rs.1 extra, we had to change the system in India. All cost including delivery is included up to door step. You can also ask the delivery boy to check the Gas cylinder and deliver.

    We are not giving tips, we are encourging corruption like this, pay as per bill only.

    Online you can complaint aganist the distributor, also aganist the gas company. Laws are strict these days.

  21. Even I faced the same problem wuth Shilbhadra Gas Agency in Mangalore. In my view, the solution for this problem is we have to be united and start a movement strongly against this corruption. For that we have to create a website or a facebook page and we have to give publicity in famous news papers.

  22. In Chennai pallikaranai as per gov new rule the gas bill amount is 705.. The delivery person asked and get 750. This is really frustrated. 45 rs extra per cylinder. This is also corruption.. If you calculate 45*30 cylinders per day* 25 days working they will earn more than 35000.. Only one person getting this much corruption.. Calculate a city state and country corruption in one field.. Go strong against this corruption

    • Very true. Even i am staying in pallikaranai. HP Gas delivery person are demanding Rs.50 extra. Since I refused to pay Rs.50/- last time i didn’t get the cylinder this time even after cash memo printed 15 days back. Have raised it in HP consumer complaints . They closed the issue stating it has been delivered and the delivery boy will be warned. But the cylinder was not delivered. I have repoend the issue and raised the issue to RO. Also i called up the agency and reported the issue once again. Now I received the cylinder. The delivery man didn’t open his mouth for extra money today. However he didn’t give me the cash memo and asked me to collect at the office.

  23. I also faced the same problem in Bangalore, the delivery boy ask extra 28 rupees. But the actual bill is 422.
    He says if you don’t pay that extra money i will take back the cylinder and enter door lock. So we need to pay 450 for a cylinder. I am not sure is it a problem with the agency or the delivery boy. Government has to take strict action against these kind of practices.

    • Same here. A mere posting of comments will not help. Is there any helpline where in we can register a complaint? All of us should register a complaint each and every time we pay extra. Lets see how the authorities will work then.
      It has become really a nuisance. I cross my fingers each time I expect a cylinder because each time i try to give them less than Rs. 450/, the delivery boy starts shouting at the top of his voice, as though I have done some crime or something.

  24. Delivery boy coming to deliver hp gas at my home are asking for extra money Rs 62 for every visit. I cant refuse.if i do that next time he will not give cylinder.

  25. we are paying extra 40 rs for the man who is supplying gas..is it compulsory to pay extra amt to him..are they getting salary from cmpy or from the users..this should be changed..

  26. Hello all, even i pay 450/- 🙁 even though bill says 419 Rs. i am really worried about extra charge i am paying everytime…where to complaint ??? if we compliant what if they didnt deliver cylinder next time ? what if that delivery boy threatens ? where to complain these all ?

    • ask dealers to give salerys to delivery man ,so why they are asking u, delivery man also have family,u r crying to give the extra amount.

      • That is not the issue os customers. if u dont get the salry u should ask the person u r working for. Evryone is sufferring to get the money and maintain family. All customers are like you wrking for money.

        • Well said Mr. apcd. They are employed by the dealers not the consumers. We can pay TIP as courtesy if satisfied by the service. but it can’t be 10% of the cost of the cylinder. If they are not paying salary then they have to look for other jobs. Let’s be truthful to ourselves and others. It doesn’t matter whether it is Rs.50 or in Crores corruption is corruption.

  27. Hi,

    In Bangalore we are paying 460Rs for a single indane cylinder and I don’t know to whom I have to complain and thinking to write to Bangalore mirror about the same.

  28. Hi Everybody,
    The same thing happened with me also today.
    Delivery guy asked me to pay Rs. 450/- against the bill of Rs. 419/-
    He said that its the delivery charge.
    When I asked for the receipt for the extra 31 bucks as delivery charges, he just took Rs. 420/- & threatened that he won’t deliver the cylinder in future.
    I immediately filed a complaint with HP at http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/
    Let’s see what happens.

    But one thing is for sure that I’m not gonna pay anything extra to these greedy fellows. They are simply spoiling the name of our country.

    • Similar thing happened with me today 29/06/2013 to get Bharath Gas cylinder in bangalore from agency Prateek Gas. Cash memo bill is of 419, But delivey boy asked 450/- then i asked him, why extra money, he said delivery to 3rd floor. Then i asked him, it will included as part of bill, then he didnt say anything, i told i will complain about this to agency, then he said, you can complain. Just imagine, daily if just delivers 10 cylinders also he will earn 300/-. He might deliver 30 cylinders daily, he earns 900 daily.900*30 = 27000/- per month without paying any tax to government plus his salary. If agency charges extra amount with bill then its ok, but without any bill all are paying 31 rupees extra. I am complaining it online, you can also do the same. I already complained about Mahalaxmi Gas Agency then my account transferred to Prateek agency by BPCL officer. Complaing will taken seriously. Please complain it.

        • http://www.ebharatgas.com
          For the past one year or so i have been booking cylinders online. So there is always a record of the cylinder booked and which in turn makes it easier if we have to make a complaint.
          One time i made a booking online and for no reason after 2-3 days the booking was shown as cancelled. I sent a complaint through their ‘Contact us’ link and rebooked a cylinder and i got the cylinder the next day. So i think they take action on costumer complaints.
          I stay in Chennai and here delivery boys take it for granted that we pay 20 rs extra. But for the past 3-4 times i have flatly refused armed with the knowledge that i can complain online. Every time the delivery boy gives me a nasty look with lot of mutterings. Now that he knows I am not going to pay, whether he’ll continue to deliver without his tips i dont know. But the use of technology is the only tool available right now. So book online is what i would suggest.

    • One thing for sure if he does come next time
      give him 419 instead of 420…
      if he doesnt come
      complain online…that you have not received yet the cylinder…
      Problem in corruption occurs when higher authorities are involved..
      here this are all chutiya chors..
      this delivery boy gives this hafta to the main chor the agency…

  29. Yes , It is quite often that they use to take Rs. 420/- instead of Rs. 413/- .
    But , If we will not pay according to them, next time surely they make problem to delivery of cylinder.

  30. I have bharat gas connection from Prateek Enterprises, Banaswadi, Bangalore. Here delivery boy is collecting Rs. 50 per cylinder. I dont know where to complaint. But i cannot pay 50. Rs. It is huge amount.

    • Today 13 April i got my gas cylinder from Prateek enterprises banaswadi agency . Mine was transfer case from Delhi . Similar thing happened with me , the delivery boy was asking me to pay 50 rs extra. I was actually surprised because in Delhi , never i was charged extra.So initially i thought there might be some change in rule at Bangalore ,so i tried to inquire the delivery person. I was not able to understand him properly ..but he was saying people do pay 20-30 per cylinder . So i understood that this is no govt rule , he wanted his comission . I simply said no as i never paid thing in Delhi and it was obviously not right as we pay delivery charges with the bill. Later he only said , ok np…….. But now i understand thing as not ok in bangalore …it looks from this blog ..people facing same problem.

  31. just yesterday i paid 460/Rs to Panchami Gas Agency Thokkottu Mangalore (bharat Gass)..Can Anybody Tell me whats the actual delecery charges

  32. everybody’s facing the same pblm, the delivery guy always argues with ladies at home for more, initially bill is 412 in our area & he demands no less than 430 rupees..
    so what i did this time, i gave him exactly 412 rupees .. & he says 430 sab, petrol & labour charge,,
    me: mere liye kaam kar rha hai ya distributor ke liye,, jaa apne employer se puch,, zyada natak matt kar.. 412 le & chup chap nikal.. nhi toh le jaa cylinder wapis.. i’ll come to office & will talk with ur manager..

    chup chap nikal gya fr woh… 😀

  33. Yes you all are right. They even demand Rs 450/- If we don’t give they will delay the delivery of the next cylinder. Gone are the days of honestly.

    The only way this can be reduced is all consumers should be told to pay the bill amount to the dealer directly and obtain the receipt. This will really stop the mischief of the delivery man.

    • It just may not be the delivery man is the only guy involved in this LOOT. The agency itself. Part of that 70000 (in the above example) can be shared to all their employees. Recently I went and complained to our agency since the delivery guy threatened he will take back the cylinder. The answer from one of the ladies there given in front of their owner was, you come and collect the cylinder next time. This happened in Mahalakshmi Agency, Kodihalli, Bangalore. India is never going to improve and will continue to go into deep shit as long as these kinds of people are there.

  34. the cylinder cost is raising like anything and on top of that these people also ask for delivery charges. today the delivery guy asked for 10 rs extra when i said i wont pay extra because its highlighted on the bill “no tips” i also showed him that. then he got angry and said ‘ alright do not give but next time when u get delivery u should give this same cylinder as empty’ and also asked for gas book and he entered on that book for the first time.

  35. Exactly this is what happened with me as well..i got reciepts of rs 430 this time when i refused to pay rs 10 extra to delivery man..

  36. Hi ,the delivery boy of Indane gas in thani sandra ,bangalore is demanding Rs 50 extra .why this is happening .my ditributor is sdheendra gas agency .this is very annoying .
    why should we pay extra if the total cost printed over the receipt includes the delivery cost also.

    • In chennai – Velacheri, I have been taken Indane cylinders through GanapathyVel agency. Whenever I booked the cylinders, the deliverman had fight with me by asking Rs. 50 extra, if I refushed then he took back and now-a-days then don’t deliver cylinders to me if I ask them then the agency asked me to come and collect from their place.

  37. After going through the comments raised by most of us I think we should create a common platform to fight against this practice

  38. In small town like bijapur, which is my homw town i will exact amout which is printed on bill. or nearest whole number, if bill is 419 Re, I will pay 420 Re. delivery person except it. but the same is not true in Bangalore he will ask min 20 Re max 50 Re more than printed otherwise he will deliver the gas cylinder. I don’t know whom to complain? if we do any complain, they start making delay in delivery.

  39. I was also thinking to rise my voice against this…!!! The same thing is happening to me here in Banglore. Every time when the delivery boy delivers the cylinder he asks me to pay an extra amount of 10/-( minimum -Indane) ( I heard HP demands 25/-)for the delivery. When I asks him for what purpose I need to pay this extra amount , he answers as it because of the increased petrol/diesel rate…Or of the labor charge..!!!! But the thing which is being helpful for me is the notification board that is fixed in front of our Agency saying "customers need not to pay an extra amount for the home delivery…". Every time I will mention about that board and sometimes will succeed to get out of the problem…

    If these duties are not coming under a Distributer then why he is issuing a home delivery status..? For a middle class family even the amount of a cylinder is being so hot to handle…then how it come to bear the extra demands of a delivery man to be fulfilled…?

    I would like to know, whether the home delivery of a LPG cylinder comes under the duties of a Gas distributer or not..? If so,.It would be free no…?If not, Then the distributor himself could include the amount along with the bill amount bill noo…why we are paying it to the delivery man? The distributor would be paying salary to the delivery men no…???

    Everywhere we are being exploited…We need more Anna hazzares and Hegde s…. Life is being so terrible to handle…No value for an Aam Janatha…

  40. I just took my bharat gas refill cylinder delivery @ my home in Bangalore. The person took Rs.440/-. he says delivery charge is Rs.25/-. Yeh kya ho raha hai?????


    Dr Deepak K Kaltari

  42. To you surprise I have paid Rs. 425/- not even 420/- as is mentioned in ur article….. Some where it has to start and I feel here is the start I am ready to join any sort of agitation to fight against this corruption… already govt. has put so much of burden and upon that these agents we have to respond and fight back… I am with ready to fight……

  43. Ya am totally agree with this , Its very shameful act that takes place everyday at one not the other's door, even we have been facing this since many years! But we were helpless to raise our voice , ALLABOUT BELGAUM has given us a platform to place our grievances! , Hope at least now the responsible authorities may look into the matter and will not suppress our voice!

  44. yes, very true everyone of us do pay extra, when asked the delivery man it is said that it is home delivery charges…

  45. for these problem just go to jihan in google and you can launch online complaint to hp company saying the gas agency is charging you extra the company will take care of the complaint and i assure you they really take neccesary action hence for any gas just go the webite of the concerned gas agency and loaunch complaint keeping silent is also criminal act

  46. I think its the distributors responsibilty to see to that the gas is in the kitchen and attached and connected correctly to the regulator, the companies pay the distributor all expenses for all that stuff , so is it charged in the total bill.. above that 7 rupees may be a tip(but at consumers will), but threatning is no good.

  47. Firstly, giving any money over and above the amount printed on the receipt is not a healthy practice and thus not advisable. What happens is when some start giving, the delivery boys start expecting it from ALL the consumers, which many are not in a position to do because of increased cost of living, and when those consumers refuse to pay extra, the delivery boys start indulging in malpractices. Even if seen as a TIP, it is fine insofar as it is not "DEMANDED" as their birthright and something they deserve, which is not the case (read below). Also, the delivery boys get their salary for their service and are thus not doing any favour to the consumer as they try to make it look.

    Secondly, it is a wrong notion that the job of the delivery boys is just to deliver and anything they do over and above that is a "FAVOUR". NO, it is NOT. They are required to bring it to the place of installation and install it. And if the consumer wants to ensure that it is not leaking, the delivery boy is required to 'demonstrate' that is it not. Also, if the consumer wants the weight of the cylinder checked, the delivery guy is supposed to weigh it in front of the consumer – it is MANDATORY to carry a weighing machine at the time of delivery.

    Finally, all the aggrieved consumers should make effective use of RTI and ensure that the conduct of the agencies is according to the rules and regulations and not otherwise. Many consumers in India are effectively making use of RTI with very good results.

    READ THIS – http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/content/311-hassled

    RTI is such a wonderful tool that the citizens of India have, and I am sure that using RTI in cases like above will give good results.

    • Exactly we all should be clear like Ekbote, iam always asking my wife not to pay extra but this delivery boy somehow takes his share of even note everytime so they earn hefty amount on daily basis this should be stopped totally with the help HP,BHARAT,INDANE Altogether by the managerial/administration,so managers please do some concrete step to stop this millions of rupees going to chors , or you increase the amount to even figure lets say 420 so that atleast money is gone to your company which inturn can make profit or there is some big racket going on between- delivery boys to dealers to lpg company officers by keeping amount to odd figure. – i think this should be cleared !!!!!!!!

  48. I am enrolled to Indane gas… The delivery man demanded Rs 10 for carrying the cylinder to first floor… His name is baban and delivers gas near Arun Talkies… We gave Rs 5 / – , otherwise may be next time he wont give us a cylinder…. Please take necessary action against him, if any Indane official reading this. I am a student and he demanded money from me.

    • kindly go to indane online website and write details what you have written they will do the needfull

  49. ya everywhere this guys taking more amount from customer and if you not given him he will not give you cylinder next time on exact you want to receive it………….

  50. Does anyone know how to get aLPG. cylinder if one does not have a ration card because one might not be eligible to get a rationcard

  51. I just asked my wife..she said the same..she pays extra..I was not aware of this until I read the above contents..! but in my house it is a bit different, the cylinder man has never threatened my wife to pay extra..but he requests for extra Rs.5 or more as he has to keep the cylinder from our entrance to kitchen…!! wat abt this case?


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