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Luckily Auto driver escapes tree fall- Good Samaritans save him

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A tree fell down on Congress road near First gate under which an auto was stuck but the people rescued him. A bike was also stuck but the driver escaped again with no injuries.

Auto driver legs were stuck near the handle but the fire brigade the people rescued him.. Hats off to the people who tried to cut the branches and rescue the auto driver who was alone. The big tree fell on the passenger seat and driver was sandwiched between the handle and the tree.

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The Good Samaritans passing by tried everything they could to cut the branches the top of the auto to rescue the Auto driver until the Fire brigade arrived.

Thanks to all of them.

1 thought on “Luckily Auto driver escapes tree fall- Good Samaritans save him”

  1. good work done citizens hats off to people who saved auto driver.
    autowalas dont charge much fares see how good are people. to you.


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