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Mahatma Phule Garden At Tilakwadi will now have evolution exhibits

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The Mahatma Phule Garden at Budhwar Peth Tilakwadi which currently houses the Animal Park, along with Science park is been developed under the Smart city mission.

The total plan is of Rs. 2,71,90,000 (2.71 crore) and needs to be completed 9 months and tenders have been floated for the same which will include Horticulture, irrigation system, walking path and building.

dinoIt will have the following:

See Saw fit for four seater

MERRY GO ROUND fit for 6 seater 

Slide Single fit for 5 children

Multi-activity play system for a capacity of around 25 children 

Swing for 2 seater

Evolution Exhibit – Anatosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Corythosaurus, Deinotherium, Diatryma, Dimetrodon, Gallimmius, Megaloceros, Neanderthal Man, Smilodon, Triceratops

Mushroom ( Umbrella)

2D art painting on walls

Play area with sand base

Fun/Fitness Trail area

Resting/Yoga Deck

Fountain with Water Body

Gazebo (Recreation area)

Park for Disabled

Open Play area with lawn mounds

Therapy hall/ Vocational training hall

Science Park


Pockets with seating Benches

2 thoughts on “Mahatma Phule Garden At Tilakwadi will now have evolution exhibits”

  1. This was my favorite park back then!!!. I still remember my childhood when I used to visit this park. However back then there was nothing much other than those animal structures which was the most exciting part. Well later I stopped going due to low maintenance. Most of the things where damaged and broken. I am happy to know that people are thinking about developing this place and make this more exciting. I liked the idea of involving educative things for kids and also a special park for special kids!!!. Hope this is done soon and is MAINTAINED!!!

  2. It is one of the best park in centre of City..
    Glad to hear this news.. hope make over will be fastest as possible …


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