Maruti Galli to be no hawkers zone

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Traders of Maruti Galli form association and decide that it will be a hawker free zone

After the encroachments were removed recently from Maruti galli, the traders said that major problem was the hawkers.

maruti-galliOn Monday all the traders held a meeting and formed an association and decided to Ban all hawkers on the street.
No autos will be allowed to park

3 security guards will look after traffic movement and parking

Parking on one side only as per odd even dates

No one will store or use the gutter for any storage of goods

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  1. Vehicles create most of the obstructions. People drive with cars and stop carelessly. Need to take a more humane view of hawkers. Where shall they earn their livelihood. Something can be worked out for them.

  2. Disappointing move

    market is for people not for cars and two wheeler

    priorities have to be set right. This decision is against the provisions of the street vending act


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