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Master plan for four roads in the city

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patilgalliRaviwar Peth, Kalmath road, Ramling Khind Galli, Patil Galli included as per CDP plan.

Yesterday a meeting was held under the chairmanship of minister Satish Jarkhiholi where the chaotic traffic woes were discussed and in principle approval was given to make a new Master-plan (widening) of the following four roads: Raviwar Peth, Kalmath road, Ramling Khind Galli, Patil Galli.

Patil Galli was surveyed earlier last year and even markings were done. Now corporation has been advised to survey all the other 3 roads and prepare the entire plan as to how many buildings will have to be demolished etc.

With regards to the movement of heavy vehicles in the city limits the plan for Halga-Machhe by pass was also discussed and will be taken forward the minister said. Rs.900 crore is the estimated expenditure for the by pass. However the farmers have opposed the current route and the authorities will have to sort this matter before taking up the work.

A new revised plan for the Old Dharwad road over bridge has been prepared and sent for approval to the Railways, once the approval is got the work on the same would commence, DC Jayram said.

Wholesale vegetable market currently near the Fort is planned to shifted near the highway. Talks are still on with the shops owners currently.

Also the underground cabling of electric cables is pending for approval and also 


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  1. Pay correct compensation ,Rehabilitate the shopkeepers in a proper place.Otherwise it will become another Failure of Masterplan like Khade Bazaar ,Maruti Galli and Kirloskar Road


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