Masterplan preparation for Belagavi to be Re tendered without the Inclusion of 28 New Villages

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The Town & Country Planning Department has issued a notice to appoint a new contractor for the development of a fresh masterplan for Belagavi. Consequently, the BUDA administration will be releasing a new tender. Additionally, the urban planning department has also announced that the 28 recently added villages will not be included in the new masterplan. As a result, a revised masterplan encompassing 27 villages, including Belagavi city, will be prepared, as reported by Sakal.

The decision regarding the inclusion of these villages will be made by the Town Planning Department at a later date. The responsibility for creating the master plan has once again been entrusted to BUDA, which had previously initiated a tender for this purpose last year, but the process was unsuccessful.
Initially, BUDA had sought the assistance of Hubli-based Vision Solutions Company, but this tender has now been put on hold.

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A meeting was recently held in Bangalore, where BUDA Town Planning Officer B. V. Hiremath was present. During the meeting, Hiremath proposed the inclusion of the 28 new villages in the masterplan.

However, it was clarified by the Town Planning Department that the central government is responsible for preparing the masterplan, and funds have already been approved through the Amrut Yojana. When the funds were sanctioned, BUDA’s jurisdiction only covered 27 villages, including Belagavi City. Therefore, the master plan must be prepared for these 27 villages, as stated by the Town Planning Department.
Furthermore, it was emphasized that if the new 28 villages are to be included, additional funds will need to be allocated by BUDA.

Belagavi Current Masterplan Details – Map 2014

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  1. Preperation of Revised Master Plan 2024 is the bounden duty of BUDA under the guidance & supervision of Urban Development Dept, after seeking approval of the Authority. Inclusion of new villages added in the Local Planning Area shall have to be included in the revision process since Revised Master Plan is prepared for further 10 years period upto 2034, taking into consideration of expected developments in the LPA. Hence there shall not be any dearth of funds as the Karnataka State Town Planning Board, Bengaluru is having sufficient funds collected by way of 5% betterment levy from all the Authorities constituted in the State. The Dept of DT&CP, Bengaluru & UDD shall examine these issues.


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