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MD of Belagavi smart city Ltd transferred now Restart from ABC

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Looks like the fate of Belagavi becoming a Smart city is in doldrums. Even after year no progress has been made, not even one project has been started under the said scheme and now the Managing director of Belagavi smart city Ltd, the Special purpose vehicle for the implementation of the project has been transferred as commissioner of City Corporation Shivamogga.


mullai-muhilan belagavi smart city ceo
Mullai Muhilan M P on the right

This is a very big blow for the Smart city project in Belagavi and its implementation, as again we will have to wait for an appointment of the MD, then his name will be included as director of the Company, resolution mentioning the same will forwarded to Ministry of company affairs, then he can commence his work.

IAS officer Mullai Muhilan M P today took charge as the CEO of the Special Purpose Vehicle made for the implementation of the Smart city project, namely Belagavi Smart city Ltd on Oct 27, 2016.

Lahmeyer International India Private Limited which is the project management consultant is also not delivering as not even one DPR has been prepared. Many say the PMC has not delivered what it had to and hence the delay. 

In January 2016 Belagavi was selected amongst the top 20 cities to be a smart city, which then was treated as honor, but now this Smart city project is in complete doldrums and only divine intervention can make this work.

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  1. Still in snails pace
    We have funds facility, still there’s delay.. What a shame……..
    One should make complete use of this opportunity…..

  2. This project was initiated by BJP govt at center so state govt dont want the credit for this project to go to central govt. So no movement…

  3. He is the hard worker, but political persons are interfere the smart city project. project planning is once again re-opened. And getting time to more then 6 months.

  4. Belagavi is a beautiful city with very active and intelligent citizens. They should get into the details of what is being done and why something is not getting done. Such half baked news stories without any serious effort to get to the bottom of truth will only end up misleading people. Smart City Projects are on track but cannot meet politically motivated timelines.


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