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Meditation event more than 3500 participate

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Buddha was once asked “What have you gained from the Meditation?” He replied, “Nothing. However let me tell you what I have lost, Negativity, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity & Fear of Old age & Death. “

mediOne person meditating helps his surroundings as well. What would happen if there is an entire group of thousands of people meditating together? With this vision of helping the entire planet Earth “YOGA VIDYA PRANIC HEALING FOUNDATION of KARNATAKA” planned a project called “HOUR OF PEACE”.

The vision was to make 50,000+ school children to meditate together on 20th August 2016 all over Karnataka. “SHUSHRUTA PRANIC HEALING & MEDITATION CENTER, BELGAVI” took the responsibility of helping in making this vision a reality. And approached the schools of Belgavi with the plan.

Rajput Bhandu, Balika Adarsha Vidyalaya, Marathi Medium Govt. High School, Kannada Medium Govt. High School, Tilakawadi High School, Swadhya Vidya Mandir, G.G.Chitnis High School, Joshi’s Central Public School, Jain Heritage School, New Girls High School Marathi Medium, Mahila Vidyalay Marathi & English Medium, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kle International School, Lovedale Central School, Maratha Mandal English School, Phoenix High School, Mv Herwadkar High School these 18 schools considering the importance of meditation agreed to extend their support.
The volunteers of Shushruta Pranic Healing & Meditation Center took the responsibility of training the students on TWIN HEART MEDITATION & SUPER BRAIN YOGA in weekly workshops at their respective schools. Yesterday on 20th August at 9AM a total of 3500+ students meditated together. The entire program was managed and coordinated under the guidance of Mrs. SUSHMA PATIL and Mrs. INDIRA JOSHI from Sushruta Pranic Healing & Meditation Center.

All the participated schools expressed their gratitude towards the foundation for this amazing initiative. And most of the schools even agreed to continue this meditation practice in their schools every week. Mrs. Sushma Patil also expressed her happiness and gratitude to all the school staff and students for their enthusiastic participation. She also thanked all the volunteers for their constant support. The entire team of Shushruta Pranic Healing & Meditation Center looks forward to conduct more and more sessions like this and hopes that all other schools and colleges will join in this noble cause.

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