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Mensi Galli was widened for vested interests to build Mall- Pudhari

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The Marathi daily Pudhari in a lead story today has alleged that the road widening of Mensi Galli was done due to the vested interests of the Politicians who plan to build a Mall on a piece of land owned by a society in Raviwar peth.

Mensi Galli photo
Mensi Galli photo

The story further says the widening of Raviwar peth was on the books but the widening of Mensi Galli was not and this was done in a hurried manner so that the road is big for huge construction equipment to make way to the construction site.

Mensi Galli was widened only to provide a bigger approach road to the mall in question. The story further says a renowned architect has been awarded the job of designing the mall.pudhari

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