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MES and Farmers request cancellation of LA proceedings for Belagavi Ring Road

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The Belagavi Taluka MES today met the Commissioner of Police and submitted a memorandum which was addressed to the President and Prime Minister of India, along with DC Belagavi opposing the land acquisition proceedings for the Ring Road in Belagavi Taluka, if the same is not stopped they will be forced to hold a massive protest rally for the same, the memorandum said.

MES delegation along with farmers request to drop the acquisition proceedings in respect of the Agricultural lands for NH4A & Ring road for an area measuring 1272acre (509.7677 hectares) of fertile agricultural lands in 32 villages of Belagavi Taluka.

The agriculturists of various villages of Belagavi Taluka namely (1)Agasage,(2)Ambewadi(3) Bachi (4)Bhadarwadi (5)Belgundi (6)Bijagarni(7)Gojage, (8)Honga (9)Kadoli- (10)Kakti, (11)Kalakhamb (12)Kallehol (13)Kamkaratti (14)Kanbargi (15)Kondaskoppa (16)Mannur (17)Mastmaradi (18)Muchandi (19)Mutaga, (20) Navage, (21)Santi-Bastwad (22)Shaganmatti (23)Shindoli (24)Sonatt (25)Sulage-Yallur (26)Tammanayakanati(Dhamne) (27)Turamari (28)Uchgaon (29)Waghavade (30)Yarmal (31)Yallur (32) Zadshahapur beg to submit this representation to your kind authority and submit as under:

National Highway Authority of India, has published a notification in Daily English Newspaper “Daily Hindu” dated 13/10/2022 under its notification No.LAQ/BRR/SR/01/2022 dated 10/10/2022 that an area measuring 1272 acres (509.7677 hectares) has been proposed for acquisition for implementation of Ring Road.

In Zadshahapur village, the National Highway Authority has already acquired the agricultural lands and residential houses of some people for the construction of the National Highway from Belagavi to Khanapur and further again for the purpose of Ring road they are acquiring not only the remaining lands but the entire village.

Also in Honga & Kakti villages, where there is already a Highway from Belagavi to Kolhapur and for that purpose, the National Highway Authorities have acquired the agricultural lands and again for the National Highway & Ring Road Authority is acquiring 100 acres of fertile agricultural lands for the purpose of Circle, which is illegal and against the humanity.

We submit that the lands proposed to be acquired is a belt of fertile land. The Karnataka Government has not made any facility of Water Irrigation to our agricultural lands like Dam, Canal etc. On the rainwater we are taking two crops and we are also at our own costs provided water facility through Open Well and bore wells. From the same irrigation, we are taking commercial crops like Sugarcane, Potato, Sweet Potato, Paddy Vegetables, pulses. In our above said lands there are trees like Mango, Cashew Nut, Coconut trees, Chikkoo Trees, Jackfruit trees, and also Rose-wood Trees, Teakwood trees etc.

Apart from agriculture, we also have cattle i.e. buffaloes, Cows etc., which are all these cattle depend upon agriculture and our income also on that cattle by selling the milk etc.

We all agriculturists are not the landlords. We are small pieces of landholders i.e. one acre, half acre etc. Except for these lands, there are no other sources of income for the livelihood of our families. The proposed acquisition proceedings are not necessary. If instead of acquiring the agricultural lands, the National Highway Authorities make provision for a fly-over road on the existing road.

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Then the traffic problem will not arise as per the purpose of the control of the National Highway (Land 86 Traffic) Act 2002. The proposed acquisition proceedings for the formation of a Ring Road for diversion and control of Traffic are very much costly compared to the formation of a Fly-over in the existing road.

We humbly request to your Kind Authorities to appoint an Officer to conduct a spot inspection of the lands proposed to be acquired and kindly enough the report of the Government of Karnataka and the Competent Authority of National Highways to drop the acquisition to promote substantial justice in the matter.

Therefore, we humbly request your Authorities kindly drop the Acquisition proceedings within 10 days of receipt of this representation. Otherwise, the farmers of all these villages will take out the procession along with their family members, Tractors, and tempos to the office of the Deputy Commissioner Belgaum on 28/1 1/2022.

In that event, if any law and order problem arises, the Government will be responsible for the same.

The early action of dropping the acquisition proceedings will be much appreciated.

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