MES to Challenge Belgaum renaming


The MES has decided to strongly condemned the moves to change the name of Belgaum (also called as Belgaon by Marathi speaking community) to Kannada version. It was further resolved at the meeting to challenge it before the Supreme Court and gave call to all Marathi people for a strong protest by observing Karnataka Rajyotsava Day as “black day” in the city on Nov.1.

A protest rally would be taken out at Belgaum on Monday.


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  1. The change of city names is a correction from their anglicized versions unlike that of Mumbai or Chennai. The MES goons should first ask why inspite of Mumbai having large non-marati population – Kannadigas, Gujrathis, Hindis etc why were their sentiments not respected? Infact people were beaten up for saying Bombay!!

    We are saved we don’t have such rowdies in Karntaka who beat up people for (deliberately) spelling the names wrong.

    If we go by MES’ logic how many towns in Mah will have to be corrected to their Kannada version – Sollapura, Pandarapura, Sangolli, Kollapura, Akkalakote, Jatta 🙂

    Limelight is what MES wants, not peace or co-existance. They have proved this time and again.

  2. Why the hell Karnataka Govt is fueling the border dispute issue and creating chaos??? They don’t have any work or what. Provide us good job opportunities , civic infrastructure, Education, water, electricity, sanitation. Why our Karnataka Govt have problem with almost all neighboring state??? Ridiculous!!!

  3. this is really sad… why all the mess over the name… is it that imp … the spirit and the image of the place should be more important… and how is belgavi a kannada name .. what does gavi mean and in which language … we need to question things before jumping to conclusions.

  4. This is Nothing but to run Tarun Bharat Mr.Thakur is keeping this issue live. Once I heard him actually using foul language against Mr.Sambhaji Patil on Marathi channel. In these days of Globalization such type of issues have no meaning. Better concentrate on some MORE FRUITFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS.

  5. Belgaum belongs to MES??.. What about people who speak Kannada they don’t want Belgaum to be renamed its interest of Karnataka & MES must not interfer in Karnataka activities. Solapur ,miraj, Gadinglaj is populated by Kannada speaking people there they follow quietly rules regulations of Maharashtra govt. MES must learn to cooperate not to fight like Pakistan for Kashmir as Belgaum. I hope Karnataka govt ‘ll challenge MES interest in court. MES as ruined peace in belgaum they have prob for everything.

    • @Amrut: Its Gadhinglaj not Gadinglaj. Gadhinglaj has Kannada speaking people but not all Kannada speaking people are Kannadigas. Also there has been no trouble from any Marathi people for Kannadigas reason Basaveshwar Statue and Basva Jayanti celebrated along with Shivaji Jayanti. Govt of Maharashtra has always encouraged Kannadigas in Maharashtra. So the problem is not with any people, its just because of influence of Political and other activists. No one wants to get into fights. Respect Humanity.

      • Mr vijay u dont know the sentiments of marathi people.Y the karnataka government did lathi charge does maharastra govt, behaves like these govt.

        • SY
          If you are so sentimental go and settle in Maharashtra, I am also a Marathi but respect the state where I stay .MES can not claim support of all maharashtrians and en cash on the dumb and outdated sentiments.

        • Dear Sy, if yoy see the maha police, just display boards in. Solapur karnataka, Jatt Karnataka, Akkalkot Karnataka and see the reaction..


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