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MES Maha Maleva at Vaccine Depot

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The district administration has given conditional permission to the Mes Maha Melava (Convention) to be held on December 9, at the Vaccine Depot Grounds to coincide with the first day of the winter session at Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.

Strict conditions have been put in place which include no hate speech against the state and also no hate speech amongst communities.
A large number of Marathi-speaking people from Belgaum, Khanapur besides Maharashtra are expected to converge here for the melava. The MES had been organising the melava ever since the Karnataka government started holding legislature sessions in Belgaum. 

5 thoughts on “MES Maha Maleva at Vaccine Depot”

  1. useless meet. fooling innocent people MES goons must be thrown out of Karnataka. spreading communal hatred is inborn disease of MES how ‘ll they keep mum from it. More than 50yrs passed still fighting for belagavi. grow up city wants development neither we are in Karnataka or Maharashtra youths want employment. it for job purpose people migrate other states & foreign countries and learn local language it’s unfortunate in belagavi MES goons doesn’t want to learn adjust to Karnataka culture.

  2. MES please ask Karnataka state goverment to develop the city with proper infrastructure and Ask the selected MLA of MES to work on development.


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