MES trying to breathe life into border issue

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A besieged MES over the past few years is trying back to win the hearts of the people in Belgaum and other areas. MES launched a campaign across Maharashtra to intensify its movement for the merger of Marathi speaking areas of Karnataka with Maharashtra. Leaders are having a Janajagruti Abhiyan in Chandgad, Satara and Pune before heading for Mumbai. The Abhiyan which started from Shivaji Garden Shahpur will end at Shivaji Park in Mumbai on August Kranti Day. 

 The MES leaders blamed “self serving” Maratha leaders for the failure of their struggle in Karnataka. They hope to reach out to people to strengthen their movement for the merger of Marathi dominated areas of Karnataka with Maharashtra. 

MES is on tenterhooks to gain the support of the people of Maharashtra in exerting pressure on the Centre to declare Belgaum a Union Territory until the boundary dispute is settled in the Supreme Court. Several MES leaders like Kiran Thakur, Vijay More, Shivaji Sunthkar, T.K. Patil and V.B. Chougale, who are participating in the campaign, said they would meet Maharashtra leaders in Mumbai to revive the struggle.


It appears to have planned the Maharashtra campaign as a last ditch effort to revive its fortunes.


Source: Deccan Chronicle

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