Meter Down hoga… Ask for it

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We have been complaining for so many years that the auto’s dont charge as per the meter, But how many of us have asked the auto driver to Down the meter. auto-meter-fare

Mahant Vakkund who is a member of the Facebook Group “Belgaum mein Auto ka meter down karo” Asked the driver to down the meter and also paid the fare according to it.

He also shared the details of the journey –

KA22 B7537
Mahantesh Nagar to Samadevi temple
On meter 2.4 Kms 24rs
KA22 B0783
Driver : Firoz Baskewale
Run on meter 
From : Bapat Galli to Mahantesh Nagar 
2.5kms … 25rs

This is a good sign of encouragement but we as citizens must ask for the Meter else leave that auto try another one, If we dont do this the auto drivers will not realize the necessity of the same as well.
It is a fact that not all auto drivers would down the meter, but if the citizens dont demand why will anyone heed to a request…

So Demand for it.

4 thoughts on “Meter Down hoga… Ask for it”

  1. Its our duty to ask the auto drivers for meter running. A auto driver agreed to put his meter down when I insisted that I travel by meter fares. Things are changing…

  2. Yes the author is absolutely right, unless demanded the Auto guys would not down the meters. Hence the citizens always needs to demand the Auto drivers for meter down.


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