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Military Farm to be closed in Belagavi as well

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An over 100-year-old practice of the Indian Army of running military farms to provide dairy needs to the force is finally being done away with. The Minister of Defence (MoD) has ordered that all 39 military farms in the country should shut shop within three months.

Belagavi also houses the second oldest Military farm setup after Allahabad in 1890. The Military farm is situated in camp on the Rakaskop /Ganeshpur Road


For 127 years this Military farm was supplying Milk to the Army and Airforce base.

Spread over vast land this dairy farm currently houses around 640 cattle and has 50 employees who look after the same.

Also around 300 people are employed to cut the grass during the season.

The proposal was pending for the last five years, and MoD has recently ordered for winding up of all the farms that were a British-era legacy being run since 1889.

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