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Missing girls traced in Raybag been brought to Belagavi

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Sharanya Malakannavar & Kavya Kundap who had gone missing from 12-6-2019 have been traced and are been brought to Belagavi from Raybag.

Sharanya & Kavya both who had been to school went missing.

They were students of Standard 9 of Amrita Vidyalayam. Further details are awaited as to how they reached Raybag and what was their motive behind going there. 


5 thoughts on “Missing girls traced in Raybag been brought to Belagavi”

  1. These days we parents are rather busy with our own business/work etc that we tend to take our kids for granted.

    Children even those below 10 have their own stress and strain and want their share of freedom in this
    competitive world which actually begins the day the child is born. With most parents opting for single or max 2 children, the dearth for companions at home is lacking badly and the child seeks to find it through friends in school.

    It is therefore necessary that parents reach out to their children everyday and make them feel wanted and at the same time infill in them discipline and the need to study well and fare well in their studies. Here also they should not be under pressure to perform out of their capacity and improbable their grades.

    Finally every child will find its own level and get a position in society whcih will be according to his/her merits.

  2. Though a mystery still- how come these two grown-up girls landed safely all the way in Raybag( Karnatak state). Any way Congrats to the rescuing Team of Belagavi….


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