MLA Patil Suggests Shutting Down Cantonment Water Supply

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Belagavi city is currently facing a severe water scarcity issue, and the Cantonment Board is entirely responsible for it. In the meeting of the Municipal Corporation, MLA Abhay Patil suggested that the water supply and collection of waste disposal of the Cantonment Board should be shut down to address the problem.

During the budget discussion meeting held on Monday, some corporators expressed their concerns about the water supply in the city.

MLA Abhay Patil assured them that the government is working on a war footing to ensure proper water supply to the city. However, the Cantonment Board’s obstinate stance while laying the water pipe from the Cantonment area is becoming a significant problem for the city’s water supply.

Despite the Belagavi City Corporation’s efforts to provide all kinds of assistance to the Cantonment, the Cantonment Board’s role is becoming a problem for the Municipal Corporation. For the last eight months, the Cantonment Board has not given permission for laying water pipes, affecting the city’s water supply. Citizens are facing a severe water shortage, and the City Corporation is yet to receive four crore rupees from the Cantonment Board.


The municipality is also working on waste disposal in the Cantonment area, but the Cantonment Board is not giving permission for laying water pipes. MLA Abhay Patil suggested that the Corporation should immediately stop the water supply to the Cantonment to address the issue.

In conclusion, MLA Abhay Patil’s suggestion to shut down the Cantonment Board’s water supply and waste disposal system is a practical solution to address the water scarcity issue in Belagavi. The Municipal Corporation should take immediate action to ensure that citizens receive adequate water supply and waste disposal services.

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  1. This Idiot sometimes forgets that he is an elected Rep and not a landlord. He has to learn to work with all people. Just because he does not get to exercise his land-mafia tactics and does not get votes from this area he can not say anything that wants.

    His words show his state of mind!


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