MLA promises double TDR as compensation in Kadolkar Galli


The Kadolkar galli road has been planned to be widened to 40 feet and for the same a meeting was held to inform the citizens on how it will be implemented and during the meeting Feroz Saith MLA North and corporation officials said that Double TDR would be given as compensation to property owners whose properties would be used for road widening purpose or for any other development activity.

kadolkar-galliThe citizens were quote positive about the widening and only 30% of the property owners will be affected.

The officers requested the property owners to remove their structures by themselves and the corporation will support them in removal of debris etc.

Local Corporator Maya Kadolkar also thanked the citizens for the positive approach.

It must also be made clear that Only BUDA to issue TDR in Belagavi.

Since 2014 after the road widening began and issue of compensation was brought forward by the property owners, the Corporation orally said it will give TDR but now as per the new rules framed the Belagavi Development Authority (BUDA) is entitled to issue them to property owners whose properties would be used for road widening purpose or for any other development activity. This rule will be applicable in all corporations of the state.

The new rule clearly mentions – Land owners will receive TWICE the area of land surrendered in lieu of monetary compensation as development right. So the promise made by the MLA and the corporation is in line with this new rule but the TDR will be issued by BUDA and not corporation which is worth noting.


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  1. All work is incomplete, Khanapur road, Shivaji Road, all Waste hall build in Shivaji Garden waste of our money, land in garden, Waste of money Pipal katta corner at Housur incomplete fountain, waste money attached fountain 8 Number school Housur, Jina circle fort road incomplete.

  2. Ring Road is the best solution to minimize the heavy traffic & accidents. It helps systematic development of the city.

  3. Wide roads may be a temporary solution. A solution is better traffic sense, management and disallowing large vehicles during peak hours.


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