MLA’s review Belagavi Smart city projects

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The newly elected MLA’s of the BJP Mr Abhay Patil and Mr Anil Benake today had a meeting with the officials of the Belagavi Smart city Ltd, the SPV formed to implement PM Modi’s dream smart city mission.

Patil said in the meeting that, the entire planning and execution of the projects under the Smart city is unscientific and there has been a huge delay as well.

The smart city plan if possible must be changed as per the guidelines so that there is an overall improvement in the city.

He raised the issue of spending 100 crores on 100 mtrs stretch and also how will it benefit and who will maintain the acres of lawn that is planned to be put across Vaccine depot.

There are many localities in the city which even after 70 years of independence dont have proper roads, if under this project such neglected areas were selected and roads were made it would have uplifted the overall look of the city rather than just one area.

5 thoughts on “MLA’s review Belagavi Smart city projects”

  1. Very good, as proposed by our leaders there must over development, just spending crores on one smart road, at least all roads in city to be upgraded to no pathhole roads.And even after 70years some part of Belgaum City is not having UGD facility, for example Guruprasad Nagar just one km from proposed SMART ROAD, and main road of GP Nagar is full of path hole, when I approached the corporator, he expressed his inability to repair, when this is the pathetic condition of city, what is use of spending crores on one smart road?

  2. Meetings/ talks are important but one needs to go lot further than that to make pm Modi`s dream to become reality by getting into action and doing the right thing to uplift the whole city. Smart city means the whole city not just a part of the city or the section of the city.This project has been dragging on for such a long time . We need a good leader who can put aside the political garbage and focus on improvement of the city and the community. Make Belgavi as a model smart city for rest of the smart cities yet to be developed.

  3. There is already road, please don’t plan to redo it by putting some more tar on it, Just do the cement road.
    Just putting tar on the same tar road we all will remain on the same road.

    I am sorry, that last 60-70 yrs burden is pushed on they newly elected representatives and we all are sitting and trying to assist you, we want this and that.

    We all have lots of hop on you both, please do the best you can.

  4. we need good roads , broad roads with good lighting systems,we also need alternate roads
    from udyambag to city and places of heavy traffic. smart roads can be planned when new roads are planned than repairing old roads. smart road from JNMC to highway has taken months and still
    not ready so better simple roads with good lighting system,

  5. They must approach the public and what’s best only Belgaumities can give them better solution. Don’t use their ideas which r not worth 100cr for one road have the lost it they can develope entire city roads. Please use your senses to work n be smart


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