MLIRC contingent in France National day Parade

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When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heads for Paris next month for the French national day celebrations on July 14, to which he has been invited as the guest of honour, a delegation of 144 battle-hardened soldiers will accompany him. However, they will not be part of his security detail but will take part in the French national day parade. 

MLIRC delegation will be led by Lt.col. Narendra Singh & Capt.Vivek Khanduri
MLIRC delegation will be led by Lt.col. Narendra Singh & Capt.Vivek Khanduri



Experts say this will be perhaps the first time when an Indian Army delegation will march at another country’s national celebrations. The Army has put together over 100 counter-insurgency specialist soldiers from the Maratha Light Infantry (MLI) to take part in the parade, and they are currently undergoing rigorous training at Belgaum to show off their best before the French public.

 For the second occasion the MLIRC contingent was awarded the First place in the Republic day parade. All the members of the contingent will get Rs.50 thousand and a memento. 

3 thoughts on “MLIRC contingent in France National day Parade”

  1. Thats a National pride for all Indians and especially we Belgaumites since Belgaum itself is a cradle of all these army men.

    Congrats MLIRC

  2. Being at PARIS we are thrilled over the news. Our pride and our valour will be demonstrated on the Champs Elysees through these proud Indians. We will surely be there in full force to cheer our heroes.

    • thnx dulal, i was one of the indian sailor in that french national day parade, thnx a lot for ur support. i have seen lots of indian flags in that crowed, hw was our parade,? again thnx for ur support. take care. jai hind.


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