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Money worth 1.44 crore lost in Cyber frauds returned to respective citizens

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1309 cyber financial frauds complaints were made to the CEN police Belagavi in the last year where the fraud was valued at ₹2,45,37,052.

Around 1825 bank accounts related to the hackers were frozen and an amount of ₹ 2,33,09,350 have been frozen in these accounts.

From the same, a sum of ₹ 1,44,99,003 has been repaid to the complaints who had lost the money in the fraud.

The citizens need to follow the “GOLDEN HOUR RULE” in reporting Cyber Frauds to CEN PS & concerned Banks “WITHIN AN HOUR” of happening.


If they cannot visit the CEN police station they should make a call to ERSS 112 or the CEN police station 0831-2950320 and share the details of the fraud and the bank details.

The financial fraud victims can launch a complaint by visiting the CEN police station and the case will be registered by cops as a Cybercrime Incident Report (CIR) and transferred to cybercrime officials in the CIR control room. The cops will then work with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to freeze the beneficiary’s account within the golden period of two hours.

Always remember that your AADHAR, PAN Card and Bank Account Information (Account Number, Debit/Credit Card Number) are private information, DO NOT SHARE the same with anyone

OTP mechanism is used as a second password in all cases, Hence do not share the same, only you are supposed to enter your OTP, never provide the same over the phone

In Belagavi the following have been reported-

OLX related, OTP related, Facebook fake profiles, QR code, Gift scams, Tour fake scams, Fake website, Herbal medicines, ticket booking scam, fake customer care online scam and so on.

Contact : 0831-2950320 or 9480804084

Cyber Station Email ID: [email protected]

[email protected]

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