MORE: sort of MORE & not so MORE


I had been to the MORE store in RPD cross in the evening at around 730pm. Initially I had a problem to find place to park my two wheeler. At last I found a place, which if the police thinks could be no parking area, but parked and went in. Theresa security guard who takes the baggage and then u enter the store. First impression great looking means goods placed correctly and in good order, I meant to say food grains on one side and toiletry on the other side etc. Vegetable stall is just at the entrance and after having a look at them you can guess what is in store for you later.
This picture is not of the Belgaum store. Its a archive photo form their website.
One more thing if you think you have some time and you can spend it in here, wrong impression, this is not air-conditioned and at times especially these days you could have a nice work out with doing much.

Goods variety is great I should say when compared to Big Bazaar. But again not all brands are available. Variety in some goods was good and not so many to choose from a few like Deodorants & jams. Prices are not cheap. I mean sugar was Rs.18/kg in the market its Rs.16/Kg. And similar rates for others so you can think.


Chocolates variety is good with some great value big value packs, which you normally don’t get to see in town. The staff I did not really interact so cant tell you but they were normal I guess. NO special offers like big bazaar here. Some small offers on atta and some small products I could see.

Billing, this is a problem as of now. There are 3 billing counters and the process is very slowing even tough there are touch screen panels for billing. The guys are not so familiar with the items still and at times you will have to wait for 10 mins to get your bill. One incident happened in front of me only when a person had taken a lot of material and when he went out and checked his bill he was charged Rs.90 for 1 Cauliflower. Its should have been Rs.9. They said a billing mistake and to rectify it poor guy had to wait for 20 mins (15 mins for my bill as my bill was being made and then the refund stuff).

In all not a great experience which will induce me to go again and again. One time purchase is ok. On a scale of 5, I would rate it 3. Let you reviews also come in on this.

I have received a response from Mr. Mr.Shriniwas M Katti on the MORE store: I visited MORE today and made a shopping of more than Rs.1200/- . It is certain that the staff is untrained and speaks Marathi and Kannada very rash. Sophistication is totally absent. And most important the prices are at least 10-15% more.
So Did you go shopping for MORE.



  1. hey nice buddy … u have given a full detailed FIR … what MORE does a belgaumite need … hmmm … definitely looks better than bigbazar … and ofcourse as u said … MORE requires trained staff .. lets hope thats these little things get better as time pasts …
    looks of belgaum changing for sure …. and the good thing is its changing towards betterment ..

    cheers belgaumtites
    have nice time


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