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Mr and Mrs Sarpa Mitra Anand Chitti and Nirzara Chitti


Anant Chitti snake belgaumBELGAUM: Anant Chitti who is a snake lover has now caught over 9981 snakes and is confident of making it to 10,000 in the coming days. It is not only him but his wife Nirzara who also helps him in rescuing the snakes. She recently caught her 14th snake in a week, a Russell’s Viper, which is the second most deadliest snake in the world. Nirzara had rescued 14 snakes in the past week, which included Russell’s vipers from a kitchen, a cobra from under a bed and a rat snake.

As November is the mating season for the snakes this month they get the maximum calls to rescue snakes. Since her marriage in 2007 to Anant she was fascinated by his snake rescuing skills and she also learnt the skills from him.


Anant Chitti said he rescued 11 snakes on November 6, which was the second highest in a single day in his professional life.
Anant has had many snake bites and a couple of years ago was in almost coma due to snake bite. But for the couple rescuing the snakes is their love and passion. They come on their scooter and rescue the snakes and then leave them into the deep jungles of Khanapur.

You can reach the Chitti’s on 09341104405.

Photo credits: Francis Dsouza



  1. Good job kee it up

    Every day I am watching about the snake catch viedo

    Good luck for your sweet family.


  2. Hi I m Mr. Chaudhari Dattatray B.
    Me my wife watching ur snake rescue videos. I m giving Best wishes from both of us. This is great n dangerous job. My wife also inspired by Nirzara madam to rescue sakes.

  3. Sir namaskar.
    I am interested in Snake.
    I am a local snake friend, and I glad to be a Snake rescuer. But I didn’t took any professional training for rescue operations of the snake or how to catch snake safely n rescue them.
    So please help me for that. I want to take a participate for Snake friend training.
    That’s my humble request to you Sir.

  4. Hai Good Evening! Mam & Sir,

    Can we learn to catch the snake and identify the difference in poisons and non poisons snakes.

  5. Dear sir I have seen a snake in my home garden today.. I got to know about u today… So can I contact you immediately as I see it once again …. Plz suggest me I m in fear as I have a child in home

  6. Dear Anand,
    You are the best friend of environment . You are maintaining balance in it. You also best social activists. Best friend of ?snake. You are creating record along with your family , i.e. awareness regarding snake . I know it is most dangerous job.but your whole family is working for it. Good luck….be happy and alert with snake.

  7. ANANT CHITTI,MOB NO:9901476484


  8. This is very nice of AAB to recognize this couple. People get so much attention and money for this work all over the world. I remember my childhood days in Shahapur, we would just kill the snake but its nice of them to rescue.

  9. he is from my place feel proud to say and also feel happy that he is getting recognization. Thanks AAB for the same..

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