Multi level car parking Bhagya next Week

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Belagavi is a city where things move on their own pace, especially the govt infra projects it could be anyone in power at the state or Corporation the work will move at its own pace and there are more hurdles than work it self.

Take the Multi Level car parking to be built at Bapat Galli, people would reminisce that Bapat Galli was earlier known as Modka Bazar where used articles were sold. It was converted into a Car Parking and about 10 years ago the genius planners from the city came ahead with a dream project of a Multi Level Car parking at the same place.

For the past 10 years so many planners have come and gone but this project is still to be kicked off and now Mla Saith who was in Kadolkar Galli, just adjacent to this site for some inauguration promised that The work on the multi level car Parking would commence next week or latest 1st week of August 2017.

The tender was not approved as only company had put in its bid. As this becomes a single tender, the process was delayed but now it seems to have been cleared by the department.

Bell Fluid Technics has applied for the construction of the THREE Storied multi level car parking at an estimated cost of 4.35 Crores.

Bapat Galli Car Parking

Construction of Multi level car parking at Bapat Galli Belagavi at a cost of 4,35,29,218.98 (4.35 Crores)
It will be a Hydraulic System Multi Level Car Parking
Total time 11 months for completion (excluding Monsoon)

We just hope this time, it would be the Bhagya of the citizens and this project will be kicked off in style and even completed in time.

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