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My ward my Neta

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mywardUrban local body elections ie. City corporation elections are due to be held on March 7, and Feb 23 is the last day for filing nominations.
In a democracy each citizen has to vote at the same time each candidate must come and tell the public, in this case; his ward members what he will do when he is elected and why should people vote for him?

This forum will try and bridge the gap between the voters and the candidates to an extent and all the contesting candidates are requested to fill out the form mentioned and we will publish it on our site which is your direct access to the people of Belgaum.

All those who are contesting the Elections for the City corporation can send in their details in the prescribed format so that people can know about you. 

To download the form go here
Go to File –> Download it and add your details and mail it with your photo to [email protected]

My Ward My Neta…. 

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