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Nanawadi water logged commissioner visits



Nanawadi is always a water logging prone area for so many years. Yesterday and today as well the whole area was water logged and the main road leading to Nanawadi was water logged.

vega spaces belagavi
Main road to Nanawadi
Main road to Nanawadi


Commisioner S G Patil, Kakatkar
Commisioner S G Patil, Kakatkar



Mr.Vinayak Kulkarni a resident of the area has sent these pictures. The pictures are self explanatory.  

Commissioner S G Patil visited on 16th July (morning) the area along with corporator Balasaheb Kakatkar. The Nala which leads from Nanawadi which has overflowed in the pictures also was over flowing last night in Marathi colony. Many residents at mid night were awake and were trying to move their vehicles to a safer place.


Thanks Mr.Vinayak Kulkarni



  1. Why non of the engineering college(s) in city are not studying waterloging problem and making the project report.May be LOCAL M L A can sanction asmall fund for theproject report by engg college students.

  2. Well . . Missed all these things :P, Its every year this thing happens but nothing is done bout the water loggin problem 😛


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