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Nandgad shows the way in in scientific waste disposal

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Nandgad, a small gram panchayat (GP), in Khanapur taluka about 32 kms from Belagavi is leading the way and showing how under segregation of waste at source and its scientific management under the ‘Swachh Mission’.

The GP setup the Solid and Liquid Waster Resource Management (SLRM) Centre. Though the turnaround in keeping the GP clean came within months owing to the painstaking efforts of the panchayat members and members handling garbage, the path was not easy.

With the help of PDO they are collecting, segregating & storing solid waste for recycling. Also, they have utilised the fund in a systematic way to provide pavers & Street lights to all village roads, construct the gram panchayat office which looks like a corporate office.

Segregation of waste at source is the most critical step of solid waste management plan. The solid waste will be required to be segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Domestic hazardous wastes including sanitary waste should also be stored separately for collection by the GP.

Nandgad gram panchayatNandgad gram panchayat

5 thoughts on “Nandgad shows the way in in scientific waste disposal”

  1. This is good story … but Half told… Please put in together the whole story AAB. It can be a motivational for many of such villages and Belgaum city as such..

  2. Very good effort.i wish to visit the place.instead of going to pilgrimage we should visit such places and learn something useful and practice it in our day to day life.

  3. It’s nice to read about the attitude towards cleanliness such efforts will motivate other GPS too.congratulations to the team


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