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Narendra Modi speaks at Belgaum

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3bmvkp2With the election campaigning at its peak with less than 24 hours left for campaigning, today BJP’s star campaigner Narendra Modi was in Belgaum and he addressed the people at the Bal Bhavan grounds Shree Nagar.

He arrived in Belgaum at about 1.30 p.m. And began speaking at 2.45 and ended his speech at 3.30 pm. “This Mr Golden Spoon says he follows the principals of Mahatma Gandhi. Does this Mr Golden Spoon know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle the Congress party,” Narendra Modi said.

Belgaum has been given special status by BJP. Hence support the party. Congress has no principals. It sends Income tax notice to those who came to Vibrant Gujarat scheme.

Modi spoke in Kannada and Marathi and thanked public for coming to the rally in this summer heat and also takes names of Basavanna, Kittur Chenamma and Sangolli Rayanna.

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9 thoughts on “Narendra Modi speaks at Belgaum”

    • Modi is the best choice for PM. It is the high time for every patriotic citizen of India to end the dynastic rule very soon and bring in BJP to two-thirds majority to save country from the poisonous/world no.1 scam masters i.e. Congress. Awake, awake from sleep dear all Indians and bring in BJP to make India to Top in the world Map and be a guiding country to all the world people.

      • One thing I would like to guess here is in next Lokasaba election NDA is going to win with clear majority as people understood Congress’s failure in all fields very well.
        To get the maximim benefits from central govt, BJP has to win this assembly election. Otherwise as usual Karnataka will not get any benifts from central Govt and no developments or no special packegs, no train or railway projects…. etc……

        • You are mistaken. On the hind side, if Karnataka gets a Congress government, then the Central government schemes will be benefitted in our state very well for as long as the UPA continues in the centre. Do your research well and comment.

          • @ Center congress has made huge blunders..if you dont pay ur taxes you obviously will not get disturbed or angry.

            Tax payers money has been looted !…Congress will suffer and will be completely uprooted.

            Mr Modi is the only person who can save INDIA, congress has already planned how to sell of this country…I really hope he wins and steers our country to a better position in all aspects..

            Vote for BJP !

  1. Vote BJP at national level, but don’t vote at state level. BJP has looted Karnataka state in past 5 years. They have no moral rights to be in Karnataka. Bring some local partys who will be held quetionable and accountable by local public any time of their activities.

  2. we hope thatMr.Modi did spread the hate and poison in a otherwise peace loving community of belgaum, The bjps trackrecord on governance and honesty is very poor in karnataka, and given Mr Modis credibility and his isolation by the international community, his message sounds false bravado,the choice is between bad and worse


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